5 Ways to Add Movement to Your Work from Home Routine

WorkFit-Z Mini

The global health situation has forced employees to work different than ever before. From juggling childcare to following quarantine guidelines, workers have to alter both how they work and where they work.

Many office-based employees don’t have an ideal set-up at home. Some don’t have a dedicated home office or the ergonomic equipment to work comfortably during the long workdays.

There are many opinions about how to work best at home, especially during these unprecedented times. At Ergotron, our recommendation is simple: MoveMore®.

Research shows that movement is key not only to physical health, but our mental health. By simply switching from sitting to standing every 30 minutes (what we call the Sit-Stand Switch™), you can positively impact your heath, mind and body.


During these stressful times, caring for yourself holistically is key. Here’s five ways you can add movement and comfort to your workday for a more productive, peaceful you, even amid the unexpected:

  1. Set a timer

It’s easy to get engrossed in a time-sensitive project, only to look up at the clock hours later and realize you’ve been sitting for the entire morning. Prevent the all-day sit fest by sitting a timer on your smartphone or in your kitchen to ring at 30-minute intervals. You can also use a Fitbit or other wearable device that tracks activities and reminds you to move. Apps like Rise & Recharge will also remind you to make the Sit-Stand Switch!

  1. Get some fresh air

Enjoy the outdoors while getting your steps in by taking a short walk outside. Block a half-hour meeting on your calendar to walk your dog or make a loop around the block. There are many health benefits to sunshine and fresh air, including boosting your immunity. Ask a co-worker to serve as your accountability buddy, and then hop on the phone for a catch-up as you enjoy your new surroundings.

  1. Build an ergonomic workspace

Sitting hunched over a small laptop or working on your couch for eight-plus hours can mean bad news for your neck and back. Look into professional-grade, height-adjustable workstations that will let you add low-level physical activity throughout your day without disrupting your work routine.

The WorkFit®-Z Mini works on an existing desk and is ready to go out-of-the box, while options like the new Mobile Desk can move wherever you want to work. For the most comfortable views, add a flexible monitor arm. For a productivity boost, consider a second or third screen. Our workspace planner will help you choose the right install heights for an ergonomic fit.

  1. Find new ways to exercise

Even if you can’t head to the gym or the weather doesn’t cooperate, you can still exercise at home. You just need to get creative! Search online for free resources tailored for at-home workouts. FitnessBlender and SarahBethYoga offer helpful videos. If you only have a few minutes to spare, try these simple exercises to sharpen your focus as you stretch your muscles.

  1. Have a standing meeting

Employees, on average, attend 62 meetings per month. When you work from home, that means hours upon hours of conference calls. Make the most of your meeting time by simply standing while you’re on the phone. Better yet, take a lap around your house or head outside (see tip #2).

Movement increases your blood flow and circulation, which translates to a natural jolt of energy. Need another reason to move more? Check out our calculator to see just how many more calories you burn by standing more throughout the day.

We hope you’re inspired to add movement to your workday! For other tips and resources, check out our landing page dedicated to making the most of your work time at home. Have other ideas? Be sure to share them with us on our social channels!