5 Ways to Take a 360 View of Your Home Workspace

Movement with WorkFit-TL

Your home workspace is more than a desk, laptop or chair. Look around, and you’ll see and sense a broader ecosystem of characteristics that influence how you feel during and after the workday.

These five aspects will help you think beyond your desk and take a 360-degree view of your work area to build an environment that helps you work and feel your best.


Home office movementRegularly switching between sitting and standing improves physical and mental health, plus focus and productivity.

360 approach:
  • Start using a standing desk and anti-fatigue mat.
  • Make sure your monitor is adjustable
  • Choose the right chair with at least three points of adjustability.


Woman with headphonesThe right balance between sound and silence can help lower stress and boost your overall health and well-being.

360 approach:
  • Conduct a sound audit in your office space.
  • Soften distracting and stressful noises.
  • Add natural soundscapes.


Bright office spaceNatural daylight is key to enhancing alertness, mood and performance in your home workspace.

360 approach:
  • Optimize natural daylight.
  • Supplement with overhead of task lighting.
  • Even-out high contrast areas.


Plants and other office decorPersonalize your surroundings to create either a calm or energetic space where you can express yourself.

360 approach:
  • Make nature your muse with natural elements.
  • Hang artwork on the walls.
  • Have fun with color in your space.


Fresh drinksWater is a simple way to improve workday comfort, along with sleep quality, brain performance and mood.

360 approach:
  • Start using a meaningful water bottle, glass or mug.
  • Use a water filter.
  • Drink water plain or spruce it up.

Create a nurturing and productive environment

Ready to take a full 360-degree view of your workspace? Download our full “360 Workspace Design” guide today.