[Webinar Recording] Designing a Professional Sit-Stand Desk Converter Workstation

It’s possible to affordably upgrade existing desks with a sit-stand desk converter. But with so many brands, how do you choose the right one?

In this recorded ErgoExpo webinar, Egotron shares our design criteria for professional-grade sit-stand workstations. We hope to raise awareness about the importance of ergonomic ranges and the critical design elements involved in creating a sit-stand workstation that is safe and reliable for years to come.


  • Discusses principles of designing and testing of a professional-grade sit-stand desk converter
  • Proposes sit-stand desk converter safety standards
  • Establishes criteria to evaluate sit-stand desk converters

It offers practical, clear guidance for businesses seeking to create healthy work cultures where employees can thrive.

An online recording of the live session is available here.