[Video] See Why We’re Professional-Grade

Standing at WorkFit-TX

Quality and safety are foundational to any successful brand. At Ergotron, we understand the manufacturing standards needed to create professional-grade designs that stand the test of time. We introduced the first sit-stand desk converter in 2010 with our WorkFit®-S and since then, we’ve set the standard for quality to move our customers forward safely and with peace of mind.

Unfortunately, many of our competitors don’t follow the same rigid standards. A major manufacturer recently recalled at least 76,000 sit-stand desk converters produced from 2016 to 2019 due to a spring malfunction. We’re disheartened by the impact on thousands of people who made the choice to move more as they work.

In 2017, we published the Designing a Professional Sit-Stand Desk Converter white paper. It outlines our extensive testing and quality standards to not only highlight our commitment to design excellence, but our dedication to improving the safety and quality for all.

Download the white paper here, and be sure to check out our new executive brief, 10 Features of Quality Sit-Stand Desk Converters. It’s a quick read that will help you select a quality sit-stand workstation for your home or office.