2021 Holiday Gift Guide: Wellness Edition

HX Monitor Arm HD Pivot

How we work has forever changed, but the importance of physical and mental wellness throughout the workday remains. No matter where your loved one works, these specially curated gift items for the holiday season will help make a positive difference in their comfort and overall well-being.

WorkFit-TL Sit-Stand Desk Converter

WorkFit-TLHelp create a healthy home workspace with the WorkFit®-TL. With many organizations offering a hybrid work model, it’s important to create a dedicated home workspace that supports regular movement for a feel-good workday.

Light Therapy Lamp

Light Therapy LampMake up for the shorter days and less sunshine with a light therapy lamp. It can help improve energy, focus and mood. Look for a portable design that offers multiple attachment options like a stand and wall mount.

Light Blocking Glasses

Light blocking glassesThese glasses help protect eyes from high-energy blue light we all encounter during screen time. The clear lenses are fully transparent and help prevent eye fatigue, blurred vision and headaches.

HX Monitor Arm with HD Pivot

HX Monitor Arm HD PivotThis heavy-duty monitor arm is a must-have for any gamer or ultra-wide monitor user. It offers an immersive viewing experience for the latest ultra-wide, curved displays with a space-saving base.

A New Office Plant

Office PlantGifting a little green can go a long way in helping improve well-being. Office plants add personality and help purify the air to boost focus and mood. Choose from simple and low maintenance to dramatic options that make a statement.

Mobile Desk

Mobile DeskCelebrate the most adaptable person in your life with this flexible mobile workstation. It rolls from room to room to work as a sit-stand office desk, distance learning station or even a compact craft table.

Soji Office Chair

Soji Office ChairGift a comfortable resting spot with this adjustable office chair from Haworth. It offers multiple ergonomic options that will make sitting breaks extra enjoyable. Paired with a sit-stand desk, this chair completes an ergonomic office ecosystem. 

Motivational Water Bottle

Water BottleHydration is a must for a healthy lifestyle. Gift a water bottle with an affirmation listed next to the ounce measurement to help up all-day water intake. Select a fun color option that matches your loved one’s style.

WorkFit Z-Mini Sit-Stand Desk Converter

WorkFit-Z MiniMake the most of small spaces with the compact WorkFit®-Z Mini. It turns existing surfaces into a comfortable sit-stand desk and complements any space with a grey woodgrain finish. Bonus for any gift recipient: it arrives fully assembled.

Charging Pad and Stand

Phone ChargerWellness also encompasses mental health, so combat an ongoing stressor—battery life—with a convenient charging pad and stand. Consider a wireless set that offers multiple options for fast and convenient charging for smart devices.

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Ergotron wishes you all the best this holiday season and into the new year!