Move Wherever Your Work Takes You with Mobile Desks

WorkFit Mobile Desk

Flexibility is a key element of modern workspaces. Why? Workers want autonomy, and it’s often the secret to being happy at work. One study found that companies who allow employees to decide when, where, and how they work were more likely to be satisfied with their jobs and even performed better.

Organizations can offer employees new levels of autonomy even inside their company walls with flexible work options. We all have examples of how an innovative idea, program or concept originated outside of your assigned cubicle or corner office. But it’s also true that working outside of your designated workspace can be uncomfortable or awkward without your full technology, space to hold your notes, laptop or let’s face it—your coffee mug.

Today’s employees need a solution that moves with them, while helping them feel (and work) at their best. Mobile desks, like the Ergotron Mobile Desk, represent a valuable tool for moving work with the worker, from individual workspaces to conference rooms to common areas. It adapts to their own comfort level and how they want to work—sitting or standing.

So how can mobile desks be used?

  • Conference rooms: With a few mobile desks stationed around the traditional conference room table, attendees can rotate between sitting and standing, especially for longer meetings. They can be used for breakout sessions or as a podium for presenters.
  • Open areas: Wasted space can become productive space with mobile desks. Walkways or other common spaces can host last minute meetings or discussions since employees now have a stable base to hold notes or drafts to review.
  • Individual workspaces or offices: Having a mobile desk in standard workspaces offers another option for employees who may want to work closer to a window or simply collaborate on a specific project with a co-worker.

The options are endless. Consider taking your mobile desks outside on a sunny day for an extra dose of vitamin D during your next team meeting or keep a few in your breakroom for a stand-up lunch option. (Why not burn a few more calories while you eat?)

Standing helps employees feel more focused and encourages more spontaneous collaboration. Just bring few mobile desks together for a stand-up meeting. The freedom to connect with co-workers and feel your best helps spur out-of-the box thinking, employee engagement and creative brainstorming. What more could companies want?

It feels good to break away from the usual routine. Often the best ideas come outside of desk spaces when fresh surroundings lead to fresh perspectives! Mobile desks make this possible. They don’t have to become office clutter, since they can actually enhance office designs and décor.

Harness the feel-good benefits of a workstyle that moves no matter where you choose to work.