Even the Truly Clueless Can Master Meal Prep

Sarah Edwards meal prep

Looking for healthy meals in a hurry?

We all know movement matters, but healthy eating should be part of your healthy lifestyle too! Sarah Edwards peels back the proverbial onion to uncover some easy meal prep ideas in this “I am Clueless” video from Ergotron.

Many ideas abound for easy meal prep: Cook big batches on the weekend to avoid cooking during the week; limit your ingredients to keep meals simple; use easy cooking techniques, like crock pots and rice cookers; and, of course, repurpose leftovers.

Men’s Health magazine shares a “Beginner’s Guide to Meal Preparation” on its website. They recommend having a “go to” snack (nuts anyone?), relying on frozen foods, buying budget-friendly staples, keeping breakfast simple with fruit and yogurt, and, perhaps most important, plan ahead!

So just like you intentionally look for way to incorporate movement into your schedule, it’s key to carve out time for healthy meal prep before the work week begins.