Hundreds Gather at Ergotron’s HCD Booth

Product catalogs and websites are great, but nothing beats seeing fully dimensional complex products up close. Hundreds of architects, designers and healthcare space planners stopped by the Ergotron booth to articulate, lift, lower, tilt, swivel and pan our products for themselves at the recent Healthcare Design Expo & Conference (HCD) in Phoenix.  There was a lot of creative conversation as booth visitors reviewed products in a leisurely context, which helped them to think about future projects without specific deadline pressure.

If you attended HDC, you may have wondered why our booth was especially jam-packed on Monday, November 12. Many were waiting to meet our special guest, Rosalyn Cama, and to receive a signed complimentary copy of her best-selling book Evidence-Based Healthcare Design. (Our complimentary mimosas were a big hit, too.)

Rosalyn’s philosophy, “If designed properly, a healthcare interior environment can foster healing, efficient task performance and productivity, effective actions and safe behavior,” lines up well with Ergotron’s commitment to making foundational changes in the evolving healthcare design space.

At our core, we are committed to helping caregivers thrive. They show up every day (and night) with professional composure, life-saving expertise and compassionate honesty, often while dealing with code-blue stress. Technology cannot get in their way or drain their energy. Bottom line: we must provide products that remove constraints and help caregivers thrive.

Our most recent Ergotron-Cama design charrette brought together 20 diverse perspectives including patient advocacy, clinicians, technologists and built environment specialists. We’re excited about the emerging concepts and practical implications they will have for our healthcare product line. (Stay tuned!)

But back to HCD 2018. The Ergotron team appreciated the chance to talk with hundreds of architects, health care space planners, and designers during the expo. Our JŪV Wall was a particular hit with booth visitors, many of whom envisioned it working well in the evolving out-patient exam room and specialty spaces.

Thanks to everyone who stopped by, provided feedback or shared a mimosa. We look forward to seeing all of you next November in New Orleans!