Safety first – a Super Bowl reminder


Last night, the wall of melty cheese greeted me as I walked into my local Walmart. Must be the Super Bowl, right? With the big day fast approaching, people all over the country are getting their supplies together.

In the spirit of game day, here’s our list of the top three things to do to help ensure that the party is a safe day for everyone invited:

  • Try standing for part of the game. Sure, you might pop up for the occasional high-five when an outstanding play occurs, but most of time you’ll probably be sinking back into the couch, snarfing down the carbs. Standing, even for a short time every twenty or thirty minutes, will keep your metabolism moving, and give you more energy for the after the game play-by-play rehashes.
  • Encourage your guests to stand too. It’s never too late to help spread the message about reducing sedentary time. Make a game out of it for the whole family, like musical chairs after every commercial. Or try tracking how many Fritos® you just burned by standing with our Caloric Burn Calculator. Be the role model for your kids and help them learn healthy behaviors early in life. This way, maybe future Super Bowl parties can be healthy ones too.
  • Assess the needs of your home theater, and in particular, your TV mount. TVs in a room full of moving people can vulnerable to upset if not properly mounted. Check out OmniMount’s blog on TV safety and take time to remind the kids that TVs can tip.

Of course, I might even add, watch the sodium intake, but what am I, your mother? Maybe I am just trying to remind myself. Have other tips to share? Let us know!

Michelle Judd, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Communications @ Ergotron


[Video] Always Active, Always Engaged – Spotlight on Education

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Montera Middle School in Oakland, California, is joining Belle Terre Elementary (Florida), and Deer Creek Middle School (Colorado), in a unique approach to learning. They’ve furnished a complete classroom with Ergotron’s LearnFit Adjustable Standing Desks. Hear about the experience from teachers and students alike. Unscripted, direct and honest reactions…just the way you want them.

Nortek Acquires Anthro Corporation, Technology Furniture®

Nortek, Inc. (NASDAQ: NTK) today announced the acquisition of Anthro Corporation, the Oregon-based designer and manufacturer of technology furniture to join Nortek’s Ergotron and OmniMount brands (see the release).anthro-logo-notag_Red_2

“We share similar cultures and our employees put customers first in everything they do,” said Pete Segar, Ergotron President and CEO. “This shared passion and energy will drive new innovations that not only support our mission of delivering the kinds of solutions that promote healthier and more productive environments, but also strategically prepare us for future trends.”

By uniting the strengths and resources of Ergotron and Anthro, our combined organization is positioned to better serve the growing global demand for high-quality and affordable digital life and workstyle products. We are excited to welcome Anthro employees aboard today!