Kicking Off the School Year with Ergotron’s Active Classroom Furniture

Students around the world walked into their classrooms for the first time this school year to see a unique addition—Ergotron’s LearnFit® Mobile Student Standing Desks. Dozens of schools from coast to coast in the U.S. introduced LearnFits for the 2018-2019 school year, along with other locations around the globe.

This includes Helix Charter High School in San Diego, Calif. Four math teachers submitted a funding request for new classroom furniture to add more flexibility to the classroom while meeting the needs of a diverse set of students. They decided on Ergotron desks for the ability to sit and stand for a healthy balance of movement and activity throughout the school day. Within the first month of the school year, David Boudreaux, M.Ed, is already seeing the LearnFit difference in his classroom.

“In just the first few weeks of school, we have seen marked changes,” he said. “Students are raising and lowering their desks for their comfort level and blood flow. On days where we need to be more active, we’re creating fully standing classrooms. I’m thrilled!”

Boudreaux has noted how students love the cup holders and how the integrated backpack hooks keep his classroom aisles clear from obstacles. Other features like the tablet holder fit small white boards and keep pencils and white board markers from rolling away. Positive parent feedback continues to pour in, and teachers across the school are already asking for information on how to order their own Ergotron desks.

We love hearing how LearnFit desks challenge convention by encouraging learning and well-being for students of all ages. Want to hear more stories about classrooms in action? Head over to to read case studies and view videos from spotlight classrooms.