[Webinar Recording] Standing Up to a Sitting Culture

Furniture does more than complement the design of a space –  it can help or hinder the vitality of the individuals that use it. For many of today’s corporate workers and students, furniture is contributing to a drastic increase in inactivity. The ripple effect of sedentary behavior impacts engagement and performance, as well as short and long-term health. As pressure mounts to increase class time and with workers putting in more hours than ever before, it’s necessary to design active spaces that are not only attractive, but also encourage movement.

In this recorded webinar hosted by Betsey Banker, Ergotron’s wellness market manager, we cover how to include active, movement-friendly furniture in your designs, and how to evaluate sit-stand workstations for safety and ergonomics. The session also discusses ways to articulate the benefits of frequent posture change (what we call the Sit-Stand Switch™) to customers and have the confidence to integrate products into designs.

This webinar is ideal for architects, designers and space planners. As an added bonus, participants can earn one IDCEC-approved HSW continuing education credit!

Listen now!