[Webinar Recording] How to Improve Your Students’ Health, Behavior, and Achievement Through Movement

In this recorded webinar for educators, you can discover how to unleash the power of non-disruptive physical activity in your classroom.

Ergotron’s Education Manager, Bob Hill, shares ways to improve your students’ health, behavior and achievement through daily movement.

Highlights of what you’ll learn:

  • Health and social dangers of childhood sedentary behaviors and associated obesity
  • Role of low-level, in-class physical activity in boosting health and achievement
  • Movement links to musculoskeletal, psychosocial, cardiovascular, and metabolic health
  • Introducing movement and “enheightenment” into your learning environment
  • Realizing the promise of personalized learning tools and 1:1 devices
  • Finding funding and grants to add height-adjustable and mobile desks for your students

Listen today, and and be sure to check out the educator resources on the Ergotron website.