3 Reasons to Love Ergotron’s YES Charging Systems

Class sizes continue to trend upward, presenting logistical issues for already stretched teachers, librarians and administrators. Limited space can make it difficult to fit desks, chairs, books and backpacks into tight areas. Charging systems for smart devices are no exception.

Ergotron’s YES Charging Systems quickly, efficiently and safely charge your devices to give you piece of mind. Educators love them—here’s three reasons why you will, too:

1. No need to sacrifice floor space
Size is a characteristic that’s easy to overlook, especially when you’re shopping online and physical form isn’t as easy to determine. But size is a key feature in any industry, especially education. The YES Charging System’s small size means more room in an already too-crowded classroom. The compact size also makes it easy to securely stow in a locking closet.

2. Put it wherever you want
Things constantly shift and move in a classroom, so don’t let your technology hold you back. The YES Charging System is flexible and can easily move around to your preferred location. It’s also eliminates student congestion. Tip: Put one cabinet on either side of the room so accessing devices is faster and easier for students and teachers.

3. A future-proof purchase
As mobile devices change, schools often have buy new accessories to adapt to new technology. But with the YES Charging System, you don’t have to search for a replacement charging solution. Our carts are designed to adjust to fit your current and future devices. And they’re UL certified for safety.

With our small footprint and adjustable interiors, you have the tools—and space—to foster a love of learning for students, no matter how crowded the classroom.