6 Healthy Choices to Commit to in the New Year

New Year's Healthy Choices

New Year's Healthy ChoicesTransitioning to a new year represents a natural time to step back and identify goals for a happier, healthier year ahead. New Year’s resolutions propel many of us to adopt new hobbies, purchase a gym membership or ditch the carbs.

Unfortunately, studies estimate that as many as 80% of New Year’s resolutions fail. Instead of choosing a daunting goal that you abandon by February 1, commit to one or two of these timeless healthy choices to set you up for a great year personally and professionally:

Number 1

Drink More Water

Up to 60 percent of the human body is water, and H₂O is responsible for more than quenching thirst. Getting enough water helps your body work at is best by improving circulation, fighting off illness, boosting energy and more. Always carry a water bottle and aim for 11.5 cups (women) or 15.5 cups (men) daily.

Number 2

Build an Ergonomic Workspace

Estimates for employer-paid musculoskeletal (MSK) treatments in 2021 for conditions like neck and back pain are about 40% greater than in 2019. The right screen height, keyboard angle and other ergonomic adjustments can help you maintain a neutral posture that minimizes stress to your body and maximizes energy and comfort. The #1 way to secure employer funds to purchase an ergonomic product is to simply ask.

Number 3

Minimize Distractions

Digital notifications and in-person interruptions can hinder a productive workday. Try blocking portions of your calendar for dedicated work time and silencing your phone for periods of the day. Invest in a dual monitor arm to help you tackle complex projects with double the screen space.

Number 4

Move More

Most employees spend nearly half of the workday sitting. According to the World Health Organization, eliminating physical inactivity as a chronic disease risk factor could reduce more than 40% of cancer cases and 80% of all heart disease, stroke and Type 2 diabetes cases. You can swap a sedentary lifestyle for one centered on regular movement by embracing a movement mindset. Start by standing during meetings, taking a lunchtime walk or using a standing desk.

Number 5

Support Your Mental Health

Anxiety and depression rates increased through the COVID-19 pandemic making it more important than ever to care for your mental and emotional health. Try journaling or coloring for self-expression, adopt a meditation routine or these other tips for supporting mental health if you work from home. For anyone experiencing a mental health crisis, seek help from a qualified medical professional.

Number 6

Declutter Your Work Area

Loose papers and old coffee cups can crowd your physical space and your mind. Clutter and disorganization are linked to higher stress levels. Clutter can also negatively impact how your brain processes information. Try these helpful decluttering tips from the Mayo Clinic, like clearing your desktop daily. If you haven’t used an item in a few weeks, consider donating it.

Create a Movement Mindset

Recommitting to small changes in any work environment—at home, the office and anywhere in between—will help promote well-being, productivity and overall happiness for the long haul. Download our white paper with tips on how to create a movement mindset that lasts.