Celebrate Ergonomics Month with Daily Giveaways, Tips and More

Find your fit

Find your fitErgonomics means the difference between a feel-good workday and achy necks and backs that can lead to long-term pain and hit to your productivity. At Ergotron, we think ergonomics is so important that it makes up part of our name and more importantly, influences the design of every sit-stand workstation, mobile medical cart and height-adjustable student desk that we offer.

This October, we’re celebrating Ergonomics Month with regular tips posted to JustStand.org and daily giveaways for a Lift35 Standing Desk Converter (U.S. participants only)! Register here and be sure to watch your email and follow us on social media to see if you’re a winner.

Ready to infuse ergonomics into your workstyle today? Check out these helpful resources: