Tips to Stay Healthy and Comfortable All Day Long

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Did you know that your natural gaze, with your chin level to the floor, should fall in the middle of the screen? Take a minute to assess your position, whether you’re sitting or standing. If you’re reading this blog post at computer, try this quick test: Hold out your right arm straight in front of you. Did you hit your computer screen? Or did you not come even close? You may be surprised that the most ergonomic distance for working at a computer screen is one arm length away. Is your keyboard height at your elbows? How about your wrists? They should be relaxed and in a natural position with your fingers gently curved.

We know ergonomic principles can be a lot to take in, so we’ve put together a helpful tip sheet with key recommendations on how you should work sitting or standing for the most comfort long-term, which means no achy necks or backs. And don’t forget to follow the Sit-Stand Switch™ and alternate between sitting and standing every 30 minutes. Sitting too much is unhealthy, but standing too much also has negative effects, so don’t forget to regularly switch positions.

Download our tip sheet here, and then test your ergonomic skill level with our fun “Ergonomics Errors” game to see what you’ve learned.

Sit-Stand Switch Tip Sheet