Employees Connect with Students at STEM Career Fair

Career Fair

At Ergotron, we’re committed to supporting the health and well-being of all people, including students. A recent survey by GENYOUth and Thrive Global found that young people are stressed out and want more opportunities to be healthy, so we continue to work to understand how they can feel better in and out of school. This includes promoting regular movement and active learning with our mobile sit-stand desks, but it also goes beyond the classroom into our community to support future leaders.

Last month, members of the Ergotron team attended a STEM Career Fair at Apple Valley High School in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Our Product Management and Product Development team members brought along Ergotron products to show to the students, and they also shared insights on their own career progression. It was a great learning experience for all involved and helps spread the message of activating classrooms while making a long-term difference in the lives of young people.