Why You Should Start Thinking About Physical Activity as a Continuum

We’re all familiar with the benefits of traditional exercise like running, weight lifting and even taking the stairs, but how do those activities stack up against standing? And where does the impact of sedentary behavior like sitting fit in?

Physical activity should be looked at as a continuum, ranging from sedentary behavior all the way to vigorous exercise. Every move we make (or don’t make) shows up on the continuum. Due to national guidelines and prompts from our doctors, we often focus solely on getting enough moderate-to-vigorous exercise. But overlooking the rest of the continuum is a big problem since exercise is not enough to counteract sedentary behavior. All movements, even small ones, matter.

In our latest podcast, Betsey Banker, Ergotron’s Wellness Market Manager, breaks down the different components of the physical activity continuum while echoing the importance of balance across all activity types for reaching our best level of health and well-being. With technology constantly pulling us toward the inactive end of the spectrum, understanding the full physical activity continuum is more important than ever.


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