Creating Instant ROI

As a Channel Marketer I understand that our channel model accelerates sales by putting thousands of feet on the street selling our products, but the downside of this selling strategy is that it also puts us one step further away from our end user customers.

This is why I was excited to participate in a panel discussion with a group of resellers at one of our distributor partners a few weeks ago with one of the topics being: what are they seeing out there in the marketplace.

These resellers, who primarily sell to SMB customers, agreed that what their customers want right now is instant ROI.  That coupled with extending payment terms or being a little more creative with their financing seems to recipe for success in closing sales during these touch economic times.

Ergotron has a 25 year history of developing products that make people more productive and comfortable.  In the 14 years that I’ve been working here, there has never been a time that being more productive was as important as it is in these economic times.

With more people doing the jobs of many because of hiring freezes and layoffs, we’re all trying to find ways to get more done and stay sane at the same time.

Having a workstation that not only fits you but also your work style helps you get more work done and be more comfortable while doing it.  In most companies their human capitol is their most expensive investment and the most difficult to replace.

A happy and more productive workforce, now that’s instant ROI!

I’d be interested to hear what your customers are telling you or how your own companies are doing more with less?