Effortless Reassurance in a Time When You Need It Most 

Safety for staff and patients within healthcare facilities is always the number one priority for providers. In a year where a global pandemic has tested the healthcare industry in a myriad of ways, the specific safety concern surrounding systems and technologies fighting the transmission of pathogens and viruses within healthcare facilities has risen the ranks in vitality. 

Enter a new partnership between Ergotron and UV Angel® in North America.

The emergence of a new proprietary technology using UV-C light helps to detect, treat and clear more than 99% of the transmission of pathogens on highly trafficked workstations, such as Ergotron’s StyleView® Medical Carts, hundreds of times a day. As medical carts are one of the most highly used products within a treatment room due to their mobility, they are often vulnerable to pathogens and viruses as they move from room to room. The new technology allows for an elevated level of protection, comfort and ease for both providers and patients alike. 

The automated technology seamlessly adjusts to already-in-place workstations, providing a routine that allows for staff and healthcare workers to focus solely on what matters most. 

The key benefits of UV Angel for StyleView include: 

  • Automated infection control to help minimize hospital-acquired infections 
  • Simple installation, handled by certified specialists 
  • Workflow efficiencies with no staff attention required 
  • An added layer of protection to complement other procedures in place 
  • Real-time data tracking 
  • Software integration 

The results of this technology are clinically proven. A Stanford University study using UV Angel technology found that UV decontamination significantly slowed the spread of virus DNA, reducing it 90% after 48 hours. As the number of decontaminated surfaces in the hospital increased, the number of viable transmission routes between patients subsequently decreased. 

Learn more at www.ergotron.com/uvangel