Non-Profit Makes and Feels a Difference with WorkFit™ Sit-Stand Workstations

Because of non-profit Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly, older adults are improving their emotional well-being, staying more active and living healthier lives. And it’s not just because of traditional healthcare. It’s because of the connections and friendships that happen every day thanks to the nearly 700 trained volunteers that provide companionship to seniors—many of whom are homebound—with monthly visits and participation in regular events.

Social companionship drives human health more than access to doctors and hospitals, according to Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly Executive Director James Falvey.

“Without supportive social relationships, people get sick more frequently and are forced to move into assisted living and nursing home care much sooner than they would otherwise,” he said.

The Twin Cities chapter of the international organization began in 1972. They moved into their current office space in Minneapolis, Minn., in the early 1980s, and not a lot has changed in their brick building off East Lake Street in the decades since. When the organization recently reworked their service delivery model, they knew something else needed to change—their desks.

They recognized that sit-stand workstations were one way to support the health and well-being of their employees and, ultimately, their senior clients. But with a strict budget, they didn’t have the funds to transform their stationary desks into the sit-stand workstations they hoped to integrate into the office.

Through an in-kind donation of WorkFit™ Sit-Stand Workstations, Ergotron equipped the Minneapolis office with desk converters suited to each staff member’s office space. We worked with the team to maximize the impact of the install with materials and tools to ensure they met each individual’s ergonomic requirements. (Businesses can perform a similar office inspection by using Ergotron’s Ergonomic Workspace Assessment tool.)

Now equipped with their WorkFit workstations, Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly employees are making and feeling a difference. In many cases, employees noticed an immediate improvement in aches and pains, focus and mood.

Their desire for movement is common among businesses of all sizes. Employees want to feel more energized during the day and when they leave the office at night. They want a solution that meets their individual workstation set-up and workstyle, while addressing workplace stressors like back pain or stiffness.

Falvey has found his own rhythm with his new WorkFit sit-stand desk.

“There are times where, of course, I want to sit down, and that’s what’s wonderful is that I have the opportunity to adjust the system to whatever I need,” he explained. “If I’m on the phone, for example, I’m a little more comfortable sitting for whatever reason, but when I’m working on the computer, more often than not, I prefer to be standing and do my work that way.”

Hear his full testimonial here.

Georgia Afton, community outreach director, had even gone as far as creating her own do-it-yourself sit-stand model to address painful neck and shoulder issues. She calls Ergotron her “new best friend” after feeling an immediate improvement in her discomfort level.

“I really felt a difference right away,” she said. “I could tell that my body much preferred being able to have a choice to sit or stand. It made a big difference.”

She added: “I think I’ll be able to stand at my desk—be at my desk—for many years longer than I would if I was just sitting all of the time. It’s really a gift.”

Hear her full testimonial here.

Thanks to Little Brothers-Friends of the Elderly for sharing their WorkFit stories, including Ann Fosco, community impact director, who summed it up nicely: “Ergotron has been the best partner in this whole endeavor. You came out, did some demos for us, and set up one so we could all play with it, look at it and decide. [They were] just really attentive to making sure we had our needs met. So as far as a company or a partner to work with, I definitely would recommend Ergotron.”