You are a SPUD if your Seat is Planted Under a Desk all day.

A SPUD is a close relative to the couch potato. Rather than lounging in front of the TV with one hand cluthcing the remote and the other hand thrust in a bag of snacks, the SPUD sits in front of the computer with one hand cantilevered over a mouse while the other hand hovers above a keyboard.

Unlike the couch potato, most SPUDs are unaware of the health risks associated with their behavior. SPUDS think that rooting themselves in front of a computer for long periods of time without moving means they are dedicated employees. But just because you’re vegetating, doesn’t mean your body is getting rest or your brain is functioning at its optimum level.

The fact is, a number of computer related disorders stem from staying still (otherwise known as static loading), a major feature of SPUD life.

Sitting in front of a computer for extended periods without a break can cause your eyes to blink less often, making them dry and blurry. After a while, your head begins to sink, your chin thrusts forward, your shoulders cave-in and your back curls forward leaving less room for your heart to beat and your lungs to expand with air. As the mind concentrates on its work, the abandoned body has taken the path of least resistance, not unlike a sack of potatoes.

But there is help for SPUDs who want to change the way they work on a computer. October is National Ergonomics Month – what better time to explore options for comfortable computing? Visit the website for more information and a chance to win an ergonomic desk stand!

For the latest thing in work station technology, every SPUD should look into  The WorkFit , a stand-alone solution that allows you to stand or sit at any time without having to adjust your computer screen, keyboard or mouse. With a large worksurface and tool-free positioning, the innovative WorkFit encourages healthy movement, promotes greater bone density and might even get you a better night’s sleep.

Now if we could only do something about those couch potatoes.