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The Golden Rules for Comfortable Computing

Wendy McCubbin, Global Training Manager @ Ergotron

A simple equation: Posture + Movement + Rest = Comfortable Computing.

Do you spend more than two hours a day sitting at the computer?  Was your workspace designed to ‘fit’ you or was it there waiting for you when you arrived with no consideration for your physical stature or personal requirements?

If you answered yes to either of these questions and especially to both, then you should seriously consider having an ergonomic assessment done. Because as Dr. Joseph Sweere, Professor in the Chiropractic Clinical Sciences Division and the Chairman of the Department of Occupational Health, College of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University says, “The machine should adapt to the human, not the human to the machine.” 

Ensuring that your workspace ‘fits’ you ensures that you are provided a comfortable and more productive computing experience.

Doing an assessment can be very simple, too—with a little help from this instructional video used alongside Ergotron’s ‘Workspace Planner’ tool. So take a few minutes now, print out the Workspace Planner and view the video.  Do the assessment and make some changes—your back, neck and shoulders will love you for it!