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Ergotron Telehealth Carts empower patients


The telemedicine trend is exploding, with virtual consult services being the most well-known and popular among patients. The American Telemedicine Association estimates that half of all health care services will be delivered via telehealth within five years. The World Health Organization predicts the practice has the “potential to transform the face of health service delivery across the globe.” In fact, the global market for telemedicine is expected to top $34 billion by 2020.

So, what is telemedicine (or telehealth)? There are a number of definitions but they all point to the same general idea: Telemedicine is the use of medical information exchanged from one site to another via electronic communications to improve patients’ health status.

Surprisingly, telehealth as a phenomenon has been around since the late 1800’s, with the invention of the telegraph and telephone. During the Civil War, the military used the telegraph to order medical supplies and a few decades later, the telephone for medical consultations. The invention of the radio and television ramped up the healthcare applications until digital technology expanded them even further.

Patients have embraced telemedicine enthusiastically and here’s why:

1-They can access care easily from a tablet, smartphone or computer, meeting through a safe, secure, and confidential video connection. Surveys show that patients are just as satisfied with a virtual face-to-face visit as a live one.

2-Patients can connect with a qualified, board-certified health care provider right away, and get a diagnosis and treatment as needed. Some tests can even be conducted during a virtual visit and prescriptions can be ordered afterwards.

3-Patients get convenient care, when and where they need it, without the hassle of driving or waiting to be seen. Virtual consults are usually available 7 days a week, for extended hours, such as 8am to midnight.

4-In addition to being fast, easy, and flexible, virtual consults are more affordable. They can be charged to a patient’s insurance company or a credit card. Rates are less than an office visit; $39 is a common fee, though insurers may negotiate even lower rates for their members.

Ergotron Telemedicine Carts and Telepresence Carts combine the power to support onboard diagnostics and video-conferencing with StyleView® point-of-care carts. (See all our Telehealth Carts.) Healthcare organizations can rely on Ergotron’s more than 30 years of expertise and service to build a solution that matches their needs and budget.


MEDICA beginnt

Nancy Gregson, Sr. Channel Manager @ Ergotron

MEDICA -show day 007Day 1 of the 4-day MEDICA event began this morning.  Norbert, one of our German Account Managers, joined me at the booth to beautify the carts for the show’s start at 10am.  After polishing the Ergotron presence in the booth, I left Norbert to walk the show and see what MEDICA had to offer. 

Looking for carts and competitors, I saw a mattress warming cart.  Strange, but unique. Almost as strange as the mobile toilet.  I guess you can put anything on a cart.  There was an abundance of surgical instruments but nothing really differentiating them. I was spotted by the Man & Machine folks and we discussed upcoming shows and partnerships.  

Stopping by one competitor, I was asked where I work. “Ergotron,” I said.

I was asked,“Are you scared? You should be.” 

I laughed, “Nope, not at all.  Thanks for the brochure,” and I was on my way.  Another competitor did not have any literature out in their booth.  When I asked, I was told that I have to give them a card to get literature.  I handed my card and was told to leave.  I know who’s scared!
MEDICA -show day 010Our Ergotron and Dell booth was busy throughout the afternoon. I didn’t take this picture fast enough. Moments before these two gentlement were hugging the StyleView® cart. 

The show goes on the next few days but my travels take me on to other meetings in the Netherlands. Auf Wiedersehen Deutschland!
MEDICA -show day 008

MEDICA…Messe is a mess

Nancy Gregson, Sr. Channel Manager @ Ergotron

MEDICA 001Today is Day 1 of set up for MEDICA in Düsseldorf, Germany.  Located in the Messe convention center, this show reminds me of CES in Las Vegas.  The size and number of the halls make it easy to lose your way walking around. 

With debris everywhere, Sem (Ergotron’s EMEA Events coordinator) and I made our way to our Ergotron-Dell booth, A17, Hall 15. 

We put together a Neo-Flex®Mobile WorkSpace and configured two StyleView® carts. 

MEDICA 002The hall rang out with a gentleman testing his microphone “Eins, zwei, drei…” and then music to dance to. 

One song made Sem laugh;  a “one Flight song” as he called it, or as we call it in America, “one hit wonder.”

Locking up our babies at night, we look forward to decking them out with Dell equipment in the morning and prepping them for the show beginning Wednesday am. Guten Abend Alle!

Are you attending HIMSS09 in Chicago?

With the current buzz about the Federal stimulus package, it is clear to see that investment in healthcare technology has come to the forefront as a national priority. Especially so with the widespread implications it has across national, state, regional and community healthcare systems.

As you begin to prepare for your visit to HIMSS, consider adding Ergotron to your “must stop” lists. Be among the first to get hands-on experience with our StyleView® for healthcare portfolio; the products that are going to help you make the most of your EMR software and system investments.

Want a sneak peak at what’s in store? Take a look at a pre-release clip: StyleView: B# at the Bedside:  

You’ll find us in booth 3632, or in these 16 partner booths. To schedule a meeting with an Ergotron Healthcare staff at the show in advance, contact sales@ergotron.com.

Want to stay connected before and during the show? Follow Ergotron on Twitter at: Twitter.com/ergotron.

Hope to see you there!