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Stuck for a New Year’s Resolution?

If you could stand a change, I’ve got a suggestion for you!

Carrie Schmitz, Office Ergonomics Consultant and Engineering Publications Manager @ Ergotron


“Move it or lose it.”

“No pain, no gain.”

“To sit is to die.”

“Oppressed so hard they cannot stand, let my people go.”

The original meaning of these sayings was never aimed at getting people to stop sitting. However, as an author, I’m going to utilize my artistic license, and pretend they do. I’m also going to tell you that sitting less in 2011 may be one of the most attainable and beneficial resolutions you could keep.

 In previous blogs on office ergonomics, I’ve made several suggestions on creating a healthier work life style. This year I’ve decided to change tactics. No more skirting around the issue with polite hints and cautious prods. There is such an abundance of scientific evidence supporting movement in the office (not to mention in the classroom, the subject of future blogs), that in good conscious I can’t soft soap the topic any longer.

While I acknowledge there is no such thing as an “average” American, significant research indicates that in general, Americans and indeed those Canadians, Australians, Western Europeans and British who share key behaviors with their Yankee cousins, spend too much time engaged in sedentary behavior and not enough time engaged in non-exercise physical activity (7.7 hours total sitting time estimates one study).

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