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University of Chester pilot study utilizes Ergotron WorkFit Workstations

BBC_ChesterUThe pilot, “Cardiovascular and metabolic benefits of standing desk work”, conducting by researchers from the University of Chester, UK, was recently published in the BMJ Group’s (British Medical Journal) Occupational & Environmental Medicine Journal.

This Infographic highlights the results of a pilot study conducted by researchers as they evaluated changes in energy expenditure and metabolism among urban office workers when sitting versus standing throughout a work day.

According to researcher Dr. John Buckley, “Our study showed that when the participants were standing, their hearts rates were quite a lot higher – on average about 10 beats per minute higher and that makes a difference of about 0.7 of a calorie per minute. If you want to put that into activity levels then that would be the equivalent of running about 10 marathons a year – just by standing three or four hours in your day at work.” (Read the press release.)

The abstract on the BMJ concludes, “This is the first known ‘office-based’ study to provide CGM measures that add some of the needed mechanistic information to the existing evidence-base on why avoiding sedentary behaviour at work could lead to a reduced risk of cardiometabolic diseases.”

The results of the study (Ergotron WorkFit-D adjustable desks were deployed), were aired October 2013 in Episode 2 of the “Trust me I’m a Doctor” series on BBC Two Television in the UK.


Stand-biased? Indirectly we hope so…

Michelle Judd, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Communications @ Ergotron

February’s Men’sHealth Magazine offers some sage advice from self-professed “notorious sloucher stuck in a sedentary routine and working long hours,” Clint Carter. In his Switch to a Stand-up Desk write-up, Clint, a health editor for the magazine, decided to test drive a WorkFit-S Sit-Stand workstation last fall.

His goal was altruistic: “Slump less and boost productivity.”

He offers some quick Rx to reach his goal but I was curious about his comment to “use stand-biased instead of a sit-stand desk; you’ll spend more time on your feet this way.” He goes on to suggest Ergotron’s WorkFit is stand-biased.

Searching “stand-biased” brings up some interesting articles about use of stand-biased desks in classrooms and of course, Clint’s article. Clint’s point was that a stand-biased desk is higher than normal desks.

Stand-biased is a good thing after all. It’s why we launched the Just Stand Wellness Uprising on Juststand.org.

But equally important as standing more, is adjustability. Does the workstation give you the option to easily and effortlessly sit or stand as your body demands throughout the day? That’s the real motivating factor.

The beauty of the WorkFit line of products (yes, I am evangelizing) is that they attach to any height desk, and still offer 20″ of height-adjustment on top of that. Fit for a really nice chunck of the short to tall global population.

We are stand-biased. Yes. But our units offer both. Not a ground-breaking distinction but an important one.

I was happy to see Clint, in my last communication, is “still standing.” His write-up gives some great tips for easing into a standing routine. Further proof that work can be part of your fitness goals? I think so.