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Prolonged Sitting…Not a Good Idea

By our guest blogger, E. Andrew Woods, Ergonomist, Ergonomics and Wellness Consultants Inc.

Over the last several decades technology has made life easier.  In fact, too easy. Our working lives have transformed from being very active at work and home to not having to get out of our chairs all day. 

Face it; we can do everything today without having to get up out of our chair!  This includes filing, communication, accounting, even ordering lunch!  Add to that our hour home lives have labor saving devices including automatic garage door openers and remote controls for our entertainment systems.  (When was the last time you purchased a television that did not have a remote?) 

Recent research shows that 70% of our waking day is in a seated position.  This prolonged sitting and sedentary work and home lifestyle has led to a new classification of health risks called “sitting disease.”

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Confessions of an Oprah Junkie – Exercise is good!

Jane Payfer, Chief Marketing Officer @ Ergotron

Yes, I confess.  I’m an Oprah junkie. Just thinking about her leaving her daily slot makes me cringe. I “DVR”/record her shows during the day so I can watch them at night. I read her magazine. I’ve even purchased favorite and important episodes to send to my kids—(in my opinion, the Debt Diet should be must watch for any newlywed couple.)

The new August issue has an article that really got my attention.  Dr. Oz, in “Dr. Oz’s Guide to Staying on Your Feet” on Oprah.com discusses how important it is to stop sitting.  He is targeting the “consequences of America’s ‘Sitting Epidemic.'”

Sitting is becoming a disease.  We sit too much during the course of our average day, week, month, and it’s taking a toll on our health.

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