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“Office Ergonomics: Maximizing Your ROI,” webinar, Oct. 12th


Celebrate National Ergonomics Month with us and discover innovative options for employee wellness in a free ErgoExpo webinar with Dr. Chad Henriksen, a well-regarded expert on workplace ergonomics.

Office ergonomics is not a new topic, and most organizations appreciate the notion of a well-designed workstation. The challenge is to understand and implement “best practices” designed around specific needs. Whether you are new to ergonomic interventions or going from “good to great,” this webinar will provide the foundation to maximize your ROI. Find details here.

Office Ergonomics: Maximizing Your ROI
October 12, 2016 | 2 p.m. ET / 11 a.m. PT

Register now for this free webinar. (CEUs and CoC points apply.) Can’t make the webinar? Register anyway and we’ll let you know how to view it on demand!

Dr. Chad Henriksen
Doctorate of Chiropractic, Diplomate in Occupational Health and Applied Ergonomics; Coordinator of Ergonomics and Occupational Health, H.C. Sweere Center for Clinical Biomechanics and Applied Ergonomics at Northwestern Health Sciences University

October is National Ergonomics Month: Work shouldn’t hurt


National Ergonomics Month is one of the best times to help people pay attention to their daily activities so they can be more comfortable and productive.

For over 30 years, ergonomics has been the driving passion of our company. In fact, you could say it’s even baked into our DNA, and obviously, our name. So to celebrate ergonomics this month – and every month! – we invite you to make use of our newest resources, developed just for digital users like you:

Resource #1:  MoveMore blog. Get answers to your questions about busting sedentary behavior and its associated health risks. “What’s all the fuss about sit-stand desks?” – It’s the latest trend in office and home computing, but is it just a fad? (Nope.) Should you sit or should you stand? (Both.) And, how often should you switch if you get tired of either? (Every 30 minutes.)

Resource #2: WorkFit® Champion Toolkit. Would you like to enjoy the benefit of an active workstyle and promote its adoption at your workplace? Check out this downloadable Toolkit on JustStand.org/toolkit. It includes an “Ask Your Boss” sit-stand desk template, checklist and talking points for wellness champions, plus our informative e-books, white papers, infographics and tip sheet.

Resources #3: On-demand Webinar for HR professionals: Building a Business Case for Sit-Stand at Work. Looking for ways to improve employee health and productivity, and lower healthcare costs? This complimentary 30-minute on-demand webinar will help you do exactly that. Watch the pre-recorded webinar anytime and learn why standing at work is gaining popularity and how to make a business case to leadership for sit-stand solutions. (Professionals in health, safety, wellness or ergonomics roles will benefit most from this webinar.)

No matter how you celebrate National Ergonomics Month, follow us on social. Jump on Twitter, other channels, then join the conversation, using #MoveMore and #JustStand. And check back throughout the month for more on this topic!

October is National Ergonomics Month – Join us for two #ergochat’s

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

heather_r sm (2)

Ahhhh, one of the greatest months of the year: October. Thankfully, it’s also National Ergonomics Month! One of the best times to help people pay attention to their daily activities and help them be more comfortable and productive.

To celebrate this month, we are teaming up with Humantech and co-hosting two different ergochat’s.

October 16: “Ask an ergonomist” – Ever wonder what’s actually happening to your back while raking, or shoveling snow? Maybe ergonomics still just doesn’t make sense?! We will have a certified ergonomist on the chat willing to take questions and discuss a broad range of ideas.

October 30: “What’s all the fuss about sit-stand?” – It’s the latest trend in office and home computing, but what’s the big deal? Should you sit or should you stand? And, what can you do if you don’t have the option to do both? Lucky for you, both Humantech and Ergotron come to the chat with information from different perspectives. You won’t want to miss this one.

Details: #ergochat is a Twitter chat. At 1PM CST on the dates listed above, jump on Twitter and join the conversation. Each tweet should include the hashtag (#ergochat), and you can follow along in a twitter search. After the hour is up, we will post the transcript over on the Computing Comfort microsite.

So why do you need to get involved? Well, those are two great ways to start. And, we will also be running a promo for a free WorkFit, sit-stand workstation of your choice. And, check back to the blog throughout the month for more posts on the topic!



Revolt of the Office Zombie

Carrie Schmitz, Office Ergonomics Consultant & Engineering Publications Manager @ Ergotron

You can’t blame the ergonomists. They warned us for decades that this might happen.

They conducted their research; graphed their data; presented detailed diagrams showing degrees of rotation, inclination, pronation and extension. They gave us recommendations about how long we should sit before moving, how long to move before resting and how to use the core of our body to reduce strain. They expounded on the benefits of standing and preached moderation in all things. But did we look, did we listen?

I wonder: where are the ergonomists now? Without us, could they have survived? Strange, how once we believed they lived for us – for they seemed to have only our best interest in mind. At some point when they realized that they could never help us if we weren’t willing to help ourselves, they simply faded away. Did they perish with the onslaught or are they with us still? How would we know? Would I recognize one?

Maybe it was an ergonomist I saw dart into the alley the other night. My office mates and I were shuffling home in the dripping dark after the usual 16 hour shift, our hands holding the shoulders of the workers in front and our blurry, strained eyes closed shut to avoid the glare of the street lights above us. We didn’t need to see where we were going, since we traveled as a human chain, sliding our feet forward in unison, guided by the threat of punishment if we stepped out of line.

That day had been different: due to a slight irritation in my right eye, I had kept it shut while gazing at the communication display that hangs 4 inches above and about 12 inches away from my face.  Since my left eye was unfairly strained that day, I kept it shut all the way back to the barracks, allowing my right eye to open. Surprisingly, the vision in my right eye seemed much restored, so I rotated the orb about, giving the muscle some exercise, when suddenly a flash of color registered in the corner of my eye. Was it color? It must have been, for I am sure it wasn’t any of the many shades of grey that constitute the scenery of this industrialized world we now occupy.

This uncommon vision startled me, but I could not call out. Working with my head tipped back for so many hours, days, weeks, months and years has so stretched and distorted the muscles that produce speech, as to render me mute.

Now I’m glad I couldn’t say anything to my office mates. I need time. Perhaps I’ll see the colorful flash again some night. I am older than most, and I can still recall some of the ergonomists’ wisdom. Tomorrow I will try to move a bit within the 4 foot cell of my workstation. Though I can’t change the hours of my work, I will rest my eyes on a strict rotation, and will take deep breaths to refresh and relax myself. I won’t say “no” to water when it is available and I will keep my eyes open on the way home in case there is anything there to be observed.

If I see the ergonomist in the alley again, I will stretch my mouth muscles into a smile – a smile. Maybe the ergonomist will see and have hope, and tell the other ergonomists (oh let there be others), that there is still one worker left to care about.

I will summon the courage to pull my display down and push it back. One day I may regain my voice and I can tell my fellow workers to do the same.

Yes, I am sure it was an ergonomist that I saw in the alley, but if it was not, no matter, for I can become an ergonomist for myself, and for my colleagues I will be a model. We will work together for a better world, and we will smile.

The Future of #ergochat

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

Over the last year, I have been hosting a weekly Twitter chat (#ergochat) at 1 PM on Wednesday’s with Carrie Schmitz.

Each week a different ergonomic topic was chosen and announced before the event. Several people joined the conversation each week, which lasted an hour. Topics ranging from the aging workforce to input devices were discussed.

Moving forward, the plan is that #ergochat will become a once a month Twitter chat. A topic will be decided and announced early in each month. Then, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at 1 PM CST, #ergochat will occur.

The hashtag will remain open for people to use whenever they want to tweet about it during the month.

Feel free to send any suggestions on topics, ideas about the future of #ergochat or anything else related to Heather Rouillard.

Be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter through @HeatherRou (me) and #ergochat.

The topic for October (Ergonomics Month) is “Sedentary behavior, the need for physical activity & the ergonomics of it all.”

I will be live tweeting/blogging from the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society 56th Annual Meeting (#HFES2012) & the Office Ergonomics Research Committee (OERC) Fall 2012 meeting later this month in Boston.

So, the first monthly #ergochat will be hosted live from the HFES event, on October 24th, and full of exciting new content!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the last year such a success!

Ergocising, a modern fairytale? Come celebrate National Ergonomics Month with us!

Reduce sendentary time with ergonomic interventionsThis year, the ergo-geeks here at Ergotron have a new “once upon a time” tale to share to help you celebrate National Ergonomics Month.

Sure ergonomic chairs and equipment play their part in this story, but that’s not what this tale is ALL about. It’s also about tackling the beast that is sedentary behavior, and encouraging the angel that is ergonomic intervention.

In other words, it’s about getting up out of that chair, scary as that sounds, and interacting with the world around you in a brand new, but yes, more ergonomic way.

How can you get involved? Here’s a start:

  • Follow along with us and participate on Facebook.com/ergotroninc
  • Join us on Twitter to share tips or participate on #ergochat at 1 PM CST on 10/24
  • Sign up for the Blogs.ergotron.com RSS feed to catch updates throughout the month
  • We even have our very own @heatherrou tweeting live from the HFES conference in Boston, the week of October 22nd (follow the event on Twitter  #HFES2012) 

Who knows what friendships can emerge in the dark winding path through the forest? Come explore with us…