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Getting Productivity Up & Moving: The 2016 JustStand Index


At Ergotron, scientific and evidence-based research and data is the foundation of product development. As an extension of this commitment, Ergotron commissioned a survey of 1,000 full-time employees in the U.S. as part of the 2016 JustStand® Index, to uncover how sedentary lifestyles are impacting the productivity, engagement and well-being of employees. The report analyzes how sitting impacts different aspects of the workplace – here are the key findings:

  • Productivity: Although cyberloafing, a term used to describe browsing the internet and social media, has gotten a lot of attention for its impact on productivity, it turns out that restless employees are 61 percent more likely to get up and move around than browse the internet or social media (39 percent). While taking regular breaks for movement is important, the data suggests that employees are being driven away from their desks to alleviate restlessness and physical discomfort from prolonged sitting.
  • Office culture: Over 60 percent of employees dislike or even hate sitting, yet nearly 70 percent do it all day, every day. A happy, healthy employee is more likely to be a productive and engaged employee — and one that stays with your company — yet the majority of our office spaces aren’t designed with that in mind.
  • Employee health: With the influx of wearable technology people are more health-conscious than ever before, but may have been lulled into a false sense of fitness and health. Sixty-two percent of employees indicated that they get the recommended 2.5 hours a week of exercise, which is perhaps why less than half of the office workers surveyed think they are personally at risk for sitting disease. However, sitting too much at work, despite physical activity undertaken throughout the week, is detrimental to mind and body.
  • Wellness programs: Despite health and wellness programs in corporations being a stated priority, only 23 percent of employees are aware of a wellness program at their company and of that population, only 35 percent of these programs offer alternative workstation as a benefit option to help avoid prolonged sitting.

Since launching the first JustStand Index in 2013, more attention has been given to the dangerous metabolic effects of sedentary lifestyles, or sitting disease as it is less commonly known. Although awareness is for sitting disease has doubled (from 7 to 15 percent), it has yet to achieve widespread understanding and sitting is still the most common posture in the workplace.

The landscape of work has changed drastically – with a new generation of workers and innovations in technology – but, for the most part, employees still remain in office chairs. And many of them aren’t happy about it. And while 86 percent of people believe that prolonged sitting increases the risk of early mortality, only 48 percent of people believe they are personally at risk. This demonstrates the need for further education and conversation throughout the business community.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll be exploring these key findings in more detail on the JustStand MoveMore blog. In the meantime, visit www.juststand.org/jsindex to download the full eBook.


DIY Standing Desk?

Let’s all salute the office pioneers who, braving co-worker ridicule and IT angst, reached for the boxes, books, and other cube accessories to create stand-up desks in their sit-only landscapes.

Folks like Nikki, Amy, Ryan and the others, what were they hoping for? More energy, more focus, or maybe even for a back pain free day away from a sit-only workstyle. Like them, Ergotron is focused on pioneering workstations that get people moving too.

Have a DIY desk you want to share? Send us your pic on Facebook!

How one woman stood up for a month…and dropped a dress size

Photo credit DailyMail.co.uk

Ergotron has been spearheading the sit-stand movement for several years. It has been an interesting ride watching as public perception has shifted from ‘sitting is a disease?’ to this story from the DailyMail.co.uk.

Health writer Louise Atkinson explains in her article, I stood up for a month – and dropped a dress size! As experts say sitting down is more unhealthy than smoking, LOUISE ATKINSON set herself an extraordinary challenge…,” that one day she decided to stand more for one month, wondering “what it’s really like to actually heed the warnings and spend all day, every day, standing up.”

She took a look at both her personal and professional life to see where she could add in more vertical time. She had some rules for her four weeks too:

  • Stand when working
  • Stand to eat (whether alone or with the family),
  • Stand when watching TV
  • Stand more when spending time with the family or meeting up with friends
  • And sit minimally, as she says, “when driving, or when nature calls — and lie down only to sleep.”

For the work part she is using an Ergotron WorkFit-A for Apple Sit-Stand Workstation, shown in the picture above. For the rest of her strategies and fascinating personal results, read on!

Access to sit-stand computing is just one part of the reducing sedentary time puzzle. What are some strategies you employ to break up the rest of your day?


Wall of Standing Tips!

Don’t have a standing desk but still concerned about getting up more throughout your day? That’s what we are here for. At the JustStand Wellness Summit last month, we put together a wall of standing tips, and encouraged the attendees to give us their best ideas. Here they are:


Instead of Skyping with a co-worker, walk over and talk to them in person

Schedule short, standing meetings

Stand when feeling low!

Stand when the phone rings

Stand during conference calls

Run a contest with co-workers to increase standing time

Listen to Spotify and dance!

Shift your weight from side to side, almost like a dance

Envision results of more standing and when you do, do calf lifts and mini lunges in place

Do Tai Chi at your desk

Stand every 20 minutes

Stand first thing in the morning at work!

Use commercials to stand; don’t TEVO through them

Standing tables in conference rooms/break rooms

Eat while standing

Remove your chair

Raise at least one worksurface so you can sit some/stand some


A few tips for people who already have a standing workstation:

No lady’s shoes

Wear comfy shoes

Throw your computer bag or purse on your chair so you have to move it before you sit

When you leave work, keep station in standing position

(when standing) Communication up, energy up, flex time up, focus up, productivity up


Have one you don’t see here? Feel free to add it in the comments section below. Happy standing 🙂

“Sitting Disease” epidemic topic of upcoming Summit

Sitting Disease” is harmful, and potentially deadly.
Research confirms this, listing physical inactivity and a sedentary lifestyle as key risk factors in 4 out of the top 7 killers in the U.S.
On July 10, 2012 Ergotron is hosting the 2nd Annual JustStand Wellness Summit, a complimentary, day-long session in which researchers and thought leaders from around the world are gathering to discuss strategies for counteracting the impact of prolonged sitting on national wellness and to share research, perspectives and success stories on creating corporate cultures that facilitate healthier, more active work routines.

Visit Juststand.org/summit to register for the event being held at St. Catherine University in St. Paul, Minnesota, or watch the Summit live on July 10th. Stay up-to-date on Summit news by joining our Sit-Stand Uprising Group on LinkedIn, following #jss12 on Twitter or contacting us at info@juststand.org.

Sitting Disease is a term the scientific community has coined to refer to metabolic syndrome and the ill-effects of an overly sedentary lifestyle. Learn more about the research at http://research.juststand.org.