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DIY Standing Desk?

Let’s all salute the office pioneers who, braving co-worker ridicule and IT angst, reached for the boxes, books, and other cube accessories to create stand-up desks in their sit-only landscapes.

Folks like Nikki, Amy, Ryan and the others, what were they hoping for? More energy, more focus, or maybe even for a back pain free day away from a sit-only workstyle. Like them, Ergotron is focused on pioneering workstations that get people moving too.

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Inbox wellness? It’s a good fit

Michelle Judd, Sr. Marketing Manager @ Ergotron

Today I received a Fit Tip Tuesday email with 10 Outstanding Fit Tips from Jill Knapp and her Get Up & Get Moving blog. Jill has a wonderful health testimony fighting Type II diabetes. Did you see her on Dr. Oz? She is sharing her success and motivation with others, encouraging people to eat right and exercise for healthier and fuller lives. It is inspirational.

I signed up originally since there is Type II diabetes in the family and I am trying to stay proactive about my health.

In her list she covers the basics: Being physically active, eating protein,  being choosy when eating a nighttime snack. However, what I secretly hoped to see listed wasn’t there. Can you guess what that is?

Stand up at work.

The simplest non-exercise activity intervention you can do for yourself is to stand up. Barring medical conditions that prohibit you from doing so (e.g., pregnant women, people with varicose veins), getting out of your chair is like a wake-up call for your body.

The benefits range from simple muscle strength to mitigating formation of blood clots deep in the legs or even reducing risk of cardiovascular disease and yeah, diabetes. But don’t just take it from me, the research tells more of the full story.

I know, I know, patience grasshopper. Jill could be sharing that tip next week. I’ll be watching with interest.

Do you have Type II diabetes or know someone who does? Jill and her Get Up & Get Moving blog might offer some hope.

Business as UNusual?

Tester Guy can do a lot of things but can he tackle sit-stand computing? You know it. Check out his latest antics with Ergotron’s newest height-adjustable workstation, the WorkFit-D, Sit-Stand Desk.



Passionate about comfy computing? I am!

Wendy McCubbin, Global Training Manager @ Ergotron (aka @WorkFitWendy)

As an Ergotron employee, I’m naturally passionate about comfy computing. I should be after all, it ensures me a little job security! Ha!  

But seriously, as a longtime sufferer of lower back pain, neck pain and numbness in my arm due to pinched nerves in my neck, working for a company whose very foundation is to make people more comfortable at their computers has had a dramatic effect on the physical discomfort I had long experienced.

As the company’s Global Training Manager, I sit in front of my computer all day long creating Training materials and conducting webinars. 

I could very easily succumb to the ‘chained in my chair’ workstyle that so many people are forced to, but I don’t… I can’t—my back, my neck, my arm… my body—has to have a way to move to avoid the discomfort.

And the research says so!  Sitting too long is detrimental to our health.  Some sources even speculate that “sitting can lead to an early death” (yeah, now’s probably a good time for you to stand for a bit!)… “my early death?” well THAT’s not something I’m willing to sit on and find out!

So I’m getting my butt off my chair and standing more—now that I can.  We’re on a new charter and we’re creating an ‘Uprising’.  So with Ergotron, my new persona “WorkFit Wendy” is out telling the world how important it is to JUST STAND and how Ergotron’s line of affordable, sit-stand workstations gives us the choice to do so. 

In this effort, I – a.k.a WorkFit Wendy—was asked to produce a set of videos that ran each “WorkFit Wednesday” in October, as we once again participated in National Ergonomics Month.  Each video shows the progression I go through after setting up my very own Ergotron WorkFit-S (love it!) and the changes I experienced since having the choice to sit and stand.  The effects I felt by standing more were dramatic—physically, professionally  AND personally—like being able to plop down on my couch each Tuesday night to watch Glee guilt-free because I stood more that day!

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