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WorkFit-T review: an amazing podcasting workstation

Bryn Huntpalmer's podcasting workstation

Bryn Huntpalmer’s podcasting workstation

It’s always interesting for us to hear how people are breaking up sedentary workstyles and improving their workflow. Bryn Huntpalmer, a popular podcaster, lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. With the arrival of children, she discovered a passion for supporting women as they prepare to become mothers. In 2015, Bryn combined her talents in photography, writing, and connecting people to launch The Birth Hour. This audio podcast series serves as a place for women to share their childbirth stories.

Because it takes up to eight hours to edit a one-hour podcast, switching from sitting to standing and vice-versa is ideal for productivity. Bryn has suffered from back pain and carpal tunnel for a decade, so an ergonomic desk is absolutely crucial for health and wellbeing.

She recently blogged about how to set up the perfect workstation for podcasting workflow, and mentioned our WorkFit-TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, shown above, with the optional WorkFit Dual Monitor Kit. Here’s a short excerpt:

“I used to sit at the dining room table while I recorded but now I use my sit stand desk from Ergotron that I’m obsessed with. I love this desk because it just sits on top of the desk I already own and it can be adjusted up or down really easily. If I decide to upgrade to a bigger desk one day (like when I have an actual office), I can just move this desk wherever it needs to go. I also got the screen mount so that I could have double screens which is really helpful when editing.”

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How does your home office rate?

Lifehacker.com recently posted the Top Ten Office Hacks, by Kevin Purdy. Take a look at the interesting list he brings together which goes beyond the usual list of ergonomic good-to-haves.

A list which includes tips for keeping your PCs/Macs clean and quiet, storing your gadgets, and installing a worthy whiteboard. What’s great about the post? The list works for both your home and workplace office.

Thanks for the Workspace Planner mention, Kevin! Glad to see you think it makes the top ten.

So, what’s on your top ten list?

Prepping for a Home Office Reorg

Michelle Judd, Marketing Operations @ Ergotron

I like to write at home but have a non-wellness friendly desktop. Just take a look at the picture. No wonder my arm, neck, and back ache after a two hour stint on the novel.

Need Help

Reading about how one blogger used Ergotron’s workspace planner in a Home Office Reorganization was a great reminder. I had forgotten all about bringing my calculations with me to the store as I begin looking for a new desk.

Although I’ve been known to cut the legs off of furniture before, I’d rather not. More to come on the quest for computing wellness @ home.