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ErgotronHome: Tiny Home Expo showcases creativity


Our Global Social Media Manager, Adam Best, reports on the newest residential construction trend for ErgotronHome™:

There was a huge turnout for the first (hopefully) annual Tiny Home Expo in St. Croix Falls, WI in  October.

Attendees toured models representing the entire spectrum of tiny homes: from bare-bones fishing shacks to luxurious models whose interiors looked like something out of a Better Homes & Gardens article.

Presenters Kim Kasl and Emily Koechel Gerde shared stories and tips with an eager audience, and fielded questions from those curious about the lifestyle.

There were plenty of brochures and builders available to inform and inspire, plus live music to keep the Expo festive.

To me, the most interesting part of the Tiny Home lifestyle is how creative the owners are in solving challenges. Think about it: you need a place to sleep, prepare and eat food, relax and work… all in maybe 150 square feet! There’s really no other choice; you have to innovate!

I was especially curious to see how they treated computing and other technology use in the tiny home. While wall mounts for TVs were obviously necessary, I saw some other opportunities to maximize vertical space.

For example, what about a family tech compartment? The ErgotronHome Hub 24 folds up to a tiny footprint (just 24.8″ w × 16.5″ h × 3″ d) with ease. Or perhaps the ErgotronHome Lift24, a height-adjustable laptop stand that tops a table or counter, and then folds up to be stored away when not in use.

Making every square foot count isn’t just about how tiny you can make things. It’s also about how productive and efficient you can be while using those things.

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ErgotronHome™ Workspace™ Desk35 now shipping!

Desk35 Still with Play Button

Elevate your altitude and attitude! The Workspace Desk35 is a flexible sit and stand desk that’s perfectly sized for the home, giving you the health and productivity benefits of movement. Whether for work or play, the Desk35 quickly adjusts to sitting or standing height, whatever is most comfortable at that moment.

There’s no limit to what you’ll discover when you experiment with your workspace. Watch this video to see the Desk35 in action or shop the entire sit-stand line now at ErgotronHome.com.


The secret life of work from home ergonomics

“Darn it, Carrie, you know better!”

That’s what ran through my mind the other day when I woke up with a very sore, stiff neck. As an office ergonomic consultant, I knew exactly why I had the problem, but I have to admit that when I was doing the thing that caused it, I was not thinking at all. I was just doing.

And here’s the reason why: it was because I was working from home.

For some reason, those sound ergonomic rules that we follow in the office can easily be ignored when we work from home, almost as if working at home isn’t really working.

And while I have everything I need to make an ergonomic workstation in my living room (a cozy spot near the fireplace and in front of the television), I didn’t use it to full advantage because I was only planning to work for a couple hours that evening. If I ever needed proof that just two hours in the wrong posture can result in days of pain and reduced movement, this experience did it.

What went wrong?

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