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Want a healthier workstyle?


Sometimes, during a busy workday, good posture is the last thing on our minds. Katie Rosenbrock, in her piece, “Improve Your Posture: Tips for Healthy Computer Use at Work [Infographic]” on The Active Times, is challenging that mindset. She offers with three easy tips from Ergotron’s Carrie Schmitz (@giveafig) for a healthier work day. What better way to deal with work stress?

The 411 on computer related discomfort

ErgoTip#9: Understand the causes of computer related discomfort

Shooting pains in the wrist and hand, numb elbows, cramped feet, fingers that tingle, stiff, aching neck and shoulders, lower back or jaw pain, blurred vision, itchy eyes, and lack of energy at night.

Whew! Experiencing any of these symptoms yourself these days? We have Ergotron’s Carrie Schmitz to thank for this tip, (as we do most of our tips). In fact, she wrote a terrific blog about it already. Take a minute and explore some of the reasons your work habits may be causing you pain.