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LevelCap’s Gaming Computer Setup: Take the Tour

Great news for all you gaming enthusiasts! LevelCap Gaming has opened the door on his gaming command center and invites you to come and take a look. He’s showing you all the computer gear he uses to game, plus what he uses to record and edit reviews on his YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Gamer ergonomics, is it for you?

Michelle Judd, Global Communications Manager @ Ergotron

I have a friend here at Ergotron who always says to me, good, responsible “healthcare” begins with you. I happen to agree, whether you are working eight to twelve hours a day at your desk job, or fighting it out for six to eight hours each night in Halo.

Richard Bernier, Dell Community Security Liaison, just wrote a post about Ergonomics for the Gamer. In the post he likened gamers to the Olympians of old in terms of competitive spirit. Unfortunately, he writes, “this term (gamer) causes some people to completely disregard the physical demands of one’s body when playing video games.”  

One thing I’ve been discovering about gamers, they like the cool monitors. Many even spring for a pretty good desk or wall mount. Even possibly a comfy chair. These are the serious competitors. What about the new recruits out there? The rookies? Are you keeping comfort or “ergonomics” as a part of your equipment considerations?

But beyond that, beyond having a primo, even ergonomic, setup. Are you taking ownership of your health to the next level? Frequent breaks to relieve your eyes, stretch your shoulders, relax your wrists? Richard mentions wikiHow.com as one resource, or take a look at our ergonomics primer for some other quick, simple exercises.

So much time is spent getting to the next level, defeating the opposing team, crushing the other player, but to what cost? One thing about Olympians, they protect their bodies. Are you?