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Workspace™ Hub27 a “Top 10 Tech Gadget”


Recently, there’s been a lot of buzz about the ErgotronHome™ Hub 27! Take a look at Tech Gadgets to Check Out This Year on the Huffington Post and 10 New Tech Gadgets to Rev Up Your Home Office on CNBC.com.

Both reviewers rave about this sleek space-saver that organizes and charges all your devices (laptop, tablet, and phone), while also doubling as a height-adjustable standing desk.

Make spaces work for you! Shop the full Workspace line at ErgotronHome.com.

WorkFit-T review: an amazing podcasting workstation

Bryn Huntpalmer's podcasting workstation

Bryn Huntpalmer’s podcasting workstation

It’s always interesting for us to hear how people are breaking up sedentary workstyles and improving their workflow. Bryn Huntpalmer, a popular podcaster, lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband, four-year-old daughter and two-year-old son. With the arrival of children, she discovered a passion for supporting women as they prepare to become mothers. In 2015, Bryn combined her talents in photography, writing, and connecting people to launch The Birth Hour. This audio podcast series serves as a place for women to share their childbirth stories.

Because it takes up to eight hours to edit a one-hour podcast, switching from sitting to standing and vice-versa is ideal for productivity. Bryn has suffered from back pain and carpal tunnel for a decade, so an ergonomic desk is absolutely crucial for health and wellbeing.

She recently blogged about how to set up the perfect workstation for podcasting workflow, and mentioned our WorkFit-TL Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation, shown above, with the optional WorkFit Dual Monitor Kit. Here’s a short excerpt:

“I used to sit at the dining room table while I recorded but now I use my sit stand desk from Ergotron that I’m obsessed with. I love this desk because it just sits on top of the desk I already own and it can be adjusted up or down really easily. If I decide to upgrade to a bigger desk one day (like when I have an actual office), I can just move this desk wherever it needs to go. I also got the screen mount so that I could have double screens which is really helpful when editing.”

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The 411 on computer related discomfort

ErgoTip#9: Understand the causes of computer related discomfort

Shooting pains in the wrist and hand, numb elbows, cramped feet, fingers that tingle, stiff, aching neck and shoulders, lower back or jaw pain, blurred vision, itchy eyes, and lack of energy at night.

Whew! Experiencing any of these symptoms yourself these days? We have Ergotron’s Carrie Schmitz to thank for this tip, (as we do most of our tips). In fact, she wrote a terrific blog about it already. Take a minute and explore some of the reasons your work habits may be causing you pain.

October is ergonomics month…

It’s National Ergonomics month, something groups like the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society take pretty seriously. We do too. It’s part of our history and it’s part of our commitment to you, to create solutions that promote healthier, more productive environments for you to do what you do best…work, play, create.

Throughout the month we will be offering 20 ErgoTIPS for a more ergonomic and healthier workstyle. Our first comes courtesy of our web team.

ErgoTIP #1: Give yourself a Workspace Assessment

Healthy computing starts with awareness. Use our questionnaire to evaluate the ergo-fitness of your current set-up at Assessment.ergotron.com.

We wish you many ergonomic moments in the month ahead! Your back, and neck and wrists may thank you for it too.


October is National Ergonomics Month – Join us for two #ergochat’s

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

heather_r sm (2)

Ahhhh, one of the greatest months of the year: October. Thankfully, it’s also National Ergonomics Month! One of the best times to help people pay attention to their daily activities and help them be more comfortable and productive.

To celebrate this month, we are teaming up with Humantech and co-hosting two different ergochat’s.

October 16: “Ask an ergonomist” – Ever wonder what’s actually happening to your back while raking, or shoveling snow? Maybe ergonomics still just doesn’t make sense?! We will have a certified ergonomist on the chat willing to take questions and discuss a broad range of ideas.

October 30: “What’s all the fuss about sit-stand?” – It’s the latest trend in office and home computing, but what’s the big deal? Should you sit or should you stand? And, what can you do if you don’t have the option to do both? Lucky for you, both Humantech and Ergotron come to the chat with information from different perspectives. You won’t want to miss this one.

Details: #ergochat is a Twitter chat. At 1PM CST on the dates listed above, jump on Twitter and join the conversation. Each tweet should include the hashtag (#ergochat), and you can follow along in a twitter search. After the hour is up, we will post the transcript over on the Computing Comfort microsite.

So why do you need to get involved? Well, those are two great ways to start. And, we will also be running a promo for a free WorkFit, sit-stand workstation of your choice. And, check back to the blog throughout the month for more posts on the topic!



Sit vs. Stand Webinar – June 5, 2013

Sit v Stand

Join Ergotron’s Wendy McCubbin, aka @workfitwendy and Sr. Manager, Worksite Wellness, and Humantech’s Christy Lotz, Managing Consultant and Ergonomics Engineer, on Wednesday, June 5, for this complimentary webinar:

Sit vs. Stand: What’s the Best Ergonomic Design?

Ergotron is sponsoring this Humantech webinar, which tackles the question: “To sit, or not to sit?” Does one scenario offer better ergonomics over the other?  Since June also happens to be National Employee Wellness Month, it is fitting to discuss a topic that has been debated across all industries—from industrial, to laboratory, to office environments. Prolonged sitting promotes a lack of whole-body muscle movement while prolonged standing leads to fatigue and swelling in the legs. With obvious pros and cons for both, it is difficult to take a stand against one or the other.

This free, 45-minute webinar will teach you how and when to design for appropriate seated and standing workstations based on critical design features and ergonomic design guidelines.

Sign up for this popular event! It is being offered at 11:00 AM ET and 2:00 PM ET but space is filling up fast so REGISTER today.


ErgoExpo 2012: Stand more. Sit less. Start now!

This week at ErgoExpo in Las Vegas, Ergotron is partnering up with Office Relief to showcase some of the hottest new products in ergonomic comfort.

Ergotron Sit-Stand Workstations offer a healthier alternative to sitting all day

At the show, we are featuring the entire line of WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations as well as a sit-stand roadmap that will make a few people start drooling. Let’s just say it is an exciting time in the sit-stand market.

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Revolt of the Office Zombie

Carrie Schmitz, Office Ergonomics Consultant & Engineering Publications Manager @ Ergotron

You can’t blame the ergonomists. They warned us for decades that this might happen.

They conducted their research; graphed their data; presented detailed diagrams showing degrees of rotation, inclination, pronation and extension. They gave us recommendations about how long we should sit before moving, how long to move before resting and how to use the core of our body to reduce strain. They expounded on the benefits of standing and preached moderation in all things. But did we look, did we listen?

I wonder: where are the ergonomists now? Without us, could they have survived? Strange, how once we believed they lived for us – for they seemed to have only our best interest in mind. At some point when they realized that they could never help us if we weren’t willing to help ourselves, they simply faded away. Did they perish with the onslaught or are they with us still? How would we know? Would I recognize one?

Maybe it was an ergonomist I saw dart into the alley the other night. My office mates and I were shuffling home in the dripping dark after the usual 16 hour shift, our hands holding the shoulders of the workers in front and our blurry, strained eyes closed shut to avoid the glare of the street lights above us. We didn’t need to see where we were going, since we traveled as a human chain, sliding our feet forward in unison, guided by the threat of punishment if we stepped out of line.

That day had been different: due to a slight irritation in my right eye, I had kept it shut while gazing at the communication display that hangs 4 inches above and about 12 inches away from my face.  Since my left eye was unfairly strained that day, I kept it shut all the way back to the barracks, allowing my right eye to open. Surprisingly, the vision in my right eye seemed much restored, so I rotated the orb about, giving the muscle some exercise, when suddenly a flash of color registered in the corner of my eye. Was it color? It must have been, for I am sure it wasn’t any of the many shades of grey that constitute the scenery of this industrialized world we now occupy.

This uncommon vision startled me, but I could not call out. Working with my head tipped back for so many hours, days, weeks, months and years has so stretched and distorted the muscles that produce speech, as to render me mute.

Now I’m glad I couldn’t say anything to my office mates. I need time. Perhaps I’ll see the colorful flash again some night. I am older than most, and I can still recall some of the ergonomists’ wisdom. Tomorrow I will try to move a bit within the 4 foot cell of my workstation. Though I can’t change the hours of my work, I will rest my eyes on a strict rotation, and will take deep breaths to refresh and relax myself. I won’t say “no” to water when it is available and I will keep my eyes open on the way home in case there is anything there to be observed.

If I see the ergonomist in the alley again, I will stretch my mouth muscles into a smile – a smile. Maybe the ergonomist will see and have hope, and tell the other ergonomists (oh let there be others), that there is still one worker left to care about.

I will summon the courage to pull my display down and push it back. One day I may regain my voice and I can tell my fellow workers to do the same.

Yes, I am sure it was an ergonomist that I saw in the alley, but if it was not, no matter, for I can become an ergonomist for myself, and for my colleagues I will be a model. We will work together for a better world, and we will smile.

Ergocising, a modern fairytale? Come celebrate National Ergonomics Month with us!

Reduce sendentary time with ergonomic interventionsThis year, the ergo-geeks here at Ergotron have a new “once upon a time” tale to share to help you celebrate National Ergonomics Month.

Sure ergonomic chairs and equipment play their part in this story, but that’s not what this tale is ALL about. It’s also about tackling the beast that is sedentary behavior, and encouraging the angel that is ergonomic intervention.

In other words, it’s about getting up out of that chair, scary as that sounds, and interacting with the world around you in a brand new, but yes, more ergonomic way.

How can you get involved? Here’s a start:

  • Follow along with us and participate on Facebook.com/ergotroninc
  • Join us on Twitter to share tips or participate on #ergochat at 1 PM CST on 10/24
  • Sign up for the Blogs.ergotron.com RSS feed to catch updates throughout the month
  • We even have our very own @heatherrou tweeting live from the HFES conference in Boston, the week of October 22nd (follow the event on Twitter  #HFES2012) 

Who knows what friendships can emerge in the dark winding path through the forest? Come explore with us…