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ErgotronHome: fight ugly ErgoZombie horrors


While closing out this year’s National Ergonomics Month, we’d like you to be aware that ErgotronHome™ offers timely defense to the horrors of an impending ErgoZombie Apocalypse.

At the risk of sounding alarmist, there is troubling scientific evidence that a spreading epidemic of sedentariness and tortured postures could soon reduce earth’s population to listless hordes of the unfit, preying on unsuspecting friends and neighbors.

You stand a good chance of remaining among the upright with a survival strategy that includes outfitting your home for a long siege. ErgotronHome offers complete protection for safeguarding yourself and your loved ones against the Posture Plague.

What is the essential gear for ErgoZombie survival? A complete sit-stand desk. A sit-stand desk add-on for an existing workstation. An innovative sit-stand laptop stand. A wall-mounted charging “hub” with a flip-door standing desk surface.

Put your well-being first, and you will also ensure the preservation of our entire species! How does ErgotronHome fight ugly ergonomic horrors? Their sit-stand desk products are heart healthy. They increase energy. Improve posture. Tone muscles. Boost metabolism. Burn extra calories.

So now we’re all familiar with the benefits of using a sit/stand desk, but are you aware of an unusual bonus of using a standing desk?

You’re quicker on your feet when standing, so if zombies actually do invade your community, you’ll be the first to escape.

Be prepared, or be ErgoZombie bait!


October is National Ergonomics Month: Work shouldn’t hurt


National Ergonomics Month is one of the best times to help people pay attention to their daily activities so they can be more comfortable and productive.

For over 30 years, ergonomics has been the driving passion of our company. In fact, you could say it’s even baked into our DNA, and obviously, our name. So to celebrate ergonomics this month – and every month! – we invite you to make use of our newest resources, developed just for digital users like you:

Resource #1:  MoveMore blog. Get answers to your questions about busting sedentary behavior and its associated health risks. “What’s all the fuss about sit-stand desks?” – It’s the latest trend in office and home computing, but is it just a fad? (Nope.) Should you sit or should you stand? (Both.) And, how often should you switch if you get tired of either? (Every 30 minutes.)

Resource #2: WorkFit® Champion Toolkit. Would you like to enjoy the benefit of an active workstyle and promote its adoption at your workplace? Check out this downloadable Toolkit on JustStand.org/toolkit. It includes an “Ask Your Boss” sit-stand desk template, checklist and talking points for wellness champions, plus our informative e-books, white papers, infographics and tip sheet.

Resources #3: On-demand Webinar for HR professionals: Building a Business Case for Sit-Stand at Work. Looking for ways to improve employee health and productivity, and lower healthcare costs? This complimentary 30-minute on-demand webinar will help you do exactly that. Watch the pre-recorded webinar anytime and learn why standing at work is gaining popularity and how to make a business case to leadership for sit-stand solutions. (Professionals in health, safety, wellness or ergonomics roles will benefit most from this webinar.)

No matter how you celebrate National Ergonomics Month, follow us on social. Jump on Twitter, other channels, then join the conversation, using #MoveMore and #JustStand. And check back throughout the month for more on this topic!

Did we say 20? Ergo tips galore

October is Ergonomics awareness month. Have you found any new and interesting ways to bring better ergonomics into your work life? Some of the participants in our Stand-Up Pioneers contest have. Take a look at their DIY standing desk designs.

In an earlier blog we did promise you 20 tips. Of course, the easiest place to start is always with your monitor height. Are you looking down at your display like an eagle scanning for prey, neck arched, eyes fixed? There’s a better way.

ErgoTIP #2: Position the top of your monitor screen at eye level.
What if your monitor stand doesn’t move up and down? Put something under it that adequately supports the weight of the monitor and stand. Ah…can’t you feel it in your neck? Of course, there are adjustable monitor stands out there…just saying!

The next five tips are associated with this one and easy to adopt now that you are in the mood to start feeling better:

ErgoTIP #3: Tilt your monitor
Tilt your monitor back 10° to 20° to keep the same focal length as your eyes scan from the top to bottom of screen. If using bifocals, use a 30° to 40° angle.

ErgoTIP #4: What’s your eye to screen ratio?
Position your monitor no closer than 20″ (50 cm) from your eyes. A good rule of thumb is an arm’s length distance. The larger a screen, the more distance you’ll want. With bifocals, the distance should be 16″ (40 cm), matching the lenses’ focal length.

ErgoTIP #5: Rest, rest, rest your eyes
Eye strain can be a major job-related headache otherwise; fifty to ninety percent of computer workers may be experiencing it already. Help prevent eye strain by resting your eyes periodically. Focus on an object 20+ feet (6+ m) away, then look back.

ErgoTIP #6: Using bifocals?
If your monitor and stand allow it, lower the monitor further and, if your monitor allows it, turn screen upward.

ErgoTIP #7: Listen to some eye experts
All About Vision has a great list of tips for how to stave off computer vision syndrome (CVS). Take a look at their list of Top Ten Tips for Relief and “see” if you don’t get inspired!

What list would be complete without mentioning the chair? Well, chair, keyboard height, desk height and… Thank goodness there is a calculator for all of that!

ErgoTIP #7: Use a planner to set your measurements perfectly
This planner covers a lot more than just monitor height and is a fantastic resource if you want to feel good in your workspace: Planner.ergotron.com.

ErgoTIP #8: Make it fun!
Everyone knows learning something new is made easier if you make it fun… Here is a giddy reminder from OSHA about creating good safety slogans. Check out this impressive list of Ergo humor that Humanics Ergonomics has gathered. Or re-pin the latest Ergonomics cartoons on ErgoDirect’s Pinterest board.

Twelve more tips to go…for another post thankfully. Happy computing!

October is ergonomics month…

It’s National Ergonomics month, something groups like the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society take pretty seriously. We do too. It’s part of our history and it’s part of our commitment to you, to create solutions that promote healthier, more productive environments for you to do what you do best…work, play, create.

Throughout the month we will be offering 20 ErgoTIPS for a more ergonomic and healthier workstyle. Our first comes courtesy of our web team.

ErgoTIP #1: Give yourself a Workspace Assessment

Healthy computing starts with awareness. Use our questionnaire to evaluate the ergo-fitness of your current set-up at Assessment.ergotron.com.

We wish you many ergonomic moments in the month ahead! Your back, and neck and wrists may thank you for it too.


The Future of #ergochat

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

Over the last year, I have been hosting a weekly Twitter chat (#ergochat) at 1 PM on Wednesday’s with Carrie Schmitz.

Each week a different ergonomic topic was chosen and announced before the event. Several people joined the conversation each week, which lasted an hour. Topics ranging from the aging workforce to input devices were discussed.

Moving forward, the plan is that #ergochat will become a once a month Twitter chat. A topic will be decided and announced early in each month. Then, on the 3rd Wednesday of each month, at 1 PM CST, #ergochat will occur.

The hashtag will remain open for people to use whenever they want to tweet about it during the month.

Feel free to send any suggestions on topics, ideas about the future of #ergochat or anything else related to Heather Rouillard.

Be sure to follow the conversation on Twitter through @HeatherRou (me) and #ergochat.

The topic for October (Ergonomics Month) is “Sedentary behavior, the need for physical activity & the ergonomics of it all.”

I will be live tweeting/blogging from the Human Factors & Ergonomics Society 56th Annual Meeting (#HFES2012) & the Office Ergonomics Research Committee (OERC) Fall 2012 meeting later this month in Boston.

So, the first monthly #ergochat will be hosted live from the HFES event, on October 24th, and full of exciting new content!

Thanks to everyone who helped make the last year such a success!

October is National Ergonomics Month!

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – National Ergonomics Month. We’re intent on spreading the word about Ergonomics, and are hosting a series of Twitter chats and are doing five promotions to boot!

Below are a few more details:

Twitter Chat


Please be sure to join us for the #ergochat and enter the drawings. We look forward to connecting with you throughout the month! Cheers to happy and healthy computing!