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We’ve Updated Our Website!

To welcome in 2017, we launched a new and improved Ergotron.com website. If you haven’t visited recently, take a spin through the site soon. The first thing you’ll notice is the change to the home page – the look is clean, streamlined and easy to navigate.

Some highlights of the new website include:

#1: Prominent finder-tools match your equipment and workspace to the right selection of Ergotron products.
#2: Visual menus show you exactly what you’re looking for.
#3: Interactive product-selectors drill down or expand your options on the fly.
#4: Easy-to-skim product pages are laid out so you can easily find relevant specifications, accessories, and services.
#5: More robust search features funnel the relevant products and resources you’re looking for.
#6: Mobile-friendly architecture – access the site from anywhere!

Take some time to visit the new site and explore Ergotron’s products and services to find solutions for your ergonomic needs. Let us know what questions you may have.


October is ergonomics month…

It’s National Ergonomics month, something groups like the Human Factors and Ergonomics Society take pretty seriously. We do too. It’s part of our history and it’s part of our commitment to you, to create solutions that promote healthier, more productive environments for you to do what you do best…work, play, create.

Throughout the month we will be offering 20 ErgoTIPS for a more ergonomic and healthier workstyle. Our first comes courtesy of our web team.

ErgoTIP #1: Give yourself a Workspace Assessment

Healthy computing starts with awareness. Use our questionnaire to evaluate the ergo-fitness of your current set-up at Assessment.ergotron.com.

We wish you many ergonomic moments in the month ahead! Your back, and neck and wrists may thank you for it too.


Sit vs. Stand Webinar – June 5, 2013

Sit v Stand

Join Ergotron’s Wendy McCubbin, aka @workfitwendy and Sr. Manager, Worksite Wellness, and Humantech’s Christy Lotz, Managing Consultant and Ergonomics Engineer, on Wednesday, June 5, for this complimentary webinar:

Sit vs. Stand: What’s the Best Ergonomic Design?

Ergotron is sponsoring this Humantech webinar, which tackles the question: “To sit, or not to sit?” Does one scenario offer better ergonomics over the other?  Since June also happens to be National Employee Wellness Month, it is fitting to discuss a topic that has been debated across all industries—from industrial, to laboratory, to office environments. Prolonged sitting promotes a lack of whole-body muscle movement while prolonged standing leads to fatigue and swelling in the legs. With obvious pros and cons for both, it is difficult to take a stand against one or the other.

This free, 45-minute webinar will teach you how and when to design for appropriate seated and standing workstations based on critical design features and ergonomic design guidelines.

Sign up for this popular event! It is being offered at 11:00 AM ET and 2:00 PM ET but space is filling up fast so REGISTER today.


ErgoExpo 2012: Stand more. Sit less. Start now!

This week at ErgoExpo in Las Vegas, Ergotron is partnering up with Office Relief to showcase some of the hottest new products in ergonomic comfort.

Ergotron Sit-Stand Workstations offer a healthier alternative to sitting all day

At the show, we are featuring the entire line of WorkFit Sit-Stand Workstations as well as a sit-stand roadmap that will make a few people start drooling. Let’s just say it is an exciting time in the sit-stand market.

Continue reading

The Golden Rules for Comfortable Computing

Wendy McCubbin, Global Training Manager @ Ergotron

A simple equation: Posture + Movement + Rest = Comfortable Computing.

Do you spend more than two hours a day sitting at the computer?  Was your workspace designed to ‘fit’ you or was it there waiting for you when you arrived with no consideration for your physical stature or personal requirements?

If you answered yes to either of these questions and especially to both, then you should seriously consider having an ergonomic assessment done. Because as Dr. Joseph Sweere, Professor in the Chiropractic Clinical Sciences Division and the Chairman of the Department of Occupational Health, College of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University says, “The machine should adapt to the human, not the human to the machine.” 

Ensuring that your workspace ‘fits’ you ensures that you are provided a comfortable and more productive computing experience.

Doing an assessment can be very simple, too—with a little help from this instructional video used alongside Ergotron’s ‘Workspace Planner’ tool. So take a few minutes now, print out the Workspace Planner and view the video.  Do the assessment and make some changes—your back, neck and shoulders will love you for it!

Prepping for a Home Office Reorg

Michelle Judd, Marketing Operations @ Ergotron

I like to write at home but have a non-wellness friendly desktop. Just take a look at the picture. No wonder my arm, neck, and back ache after a two hour stint on the novel.

Need Help

Reading about how one blogger used Ergotron’s workspace planner in a Home Office Reorganization was a great reminder. I had forgotten all about bringing my calculations with me to the store as I begin looking for a new desk.

Although I’ve been known to cut the legs off of furniture before, I’d rather not. More to come on the quest for computing wellness @ home.