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[Infographic] Can you grade movement?

Educators are under increased pressure to improve test scores while at the same time, school budgets seem to be shrinking. This kind of challenge can lead to fewer opportunities for movement during the school day, even though research shows that reducing opportunities for physical activity in school limits a student’s ability to learn.

Ergotron’s new Infographic Making the Grade highlights this challenge:


Movement is an important part of brain function. At Ergotron we think that incorporating more physical activity into the school day is a positive way to move children in the right direction for learning and ultimately long-term success. If we can get students moving in the classroom on a regular basis, we can impact learning and future performance. The LearnFit™ Adjustable Standing Desk for students is an easy way to incorporate more natural movement throughout the day, especially when other active opportunities are disappearing.

Attending ISTE 2014 in Atlanta? Visit Ergotron at booth #3326 to learn more or follow along with our ISTE activities and coverage on Twitter and Facebook.

The Classroom of the Future is Here

Sit-Stand On-demand with ErgotronFor decades, if you walked into a classroom in New York City or in rural Montana you would see the same thing: a teacher at the front of the room writing on a chalkboard and lecturing to students seated at desks with textbooks in front of them. Now, with the use of technology expanding quickly, classroom layouts and dynamics are changing. 

Here are a few ways that the “classroom of the future” is finally here:

  • Schools are now making the switch from heavy texts and library books to electronic versions on tablets.  While cost is the main driver of this move, electronic books also help schools offer the most up-to-date versions.  Along with tablets, classrooms also need ways to keep these tables charged, synced and updated for everyday use. Here are some products they are using to manage these devices.
  • Schools are exploring ways to gets students AND staff on their feet more often. Just last week, in addition to categorizing obesity as a disease, the American Medical Association announced that mounting evidence shows sitting around for long periods of time is unhealthy and has called on employers to find alternatives to help employees stay fit and healthy.  But children are also at risk from unhealthy lifestyles. At a time when more than 17 percent of the nation’s children are obese and schools are beginning to order larger chairs to accommodate them, there is also a move to have them stand more in the classroom. Sit-stand workstations help increase physical activity levels while providing outlets for energy not commonly found in the traditional sedentary classroom or lab environment.
  • Technologically-advanced classrooms are also employing virtual field trips and classes through advanced video-conferencing technologies. These advances make it easy for classrooms to “travel” to new places, have conversations with classrooms in other countries, and explore new cultures. In rural or remote locations, specialty teaching resources that may otherwise be limited to only one physical location can be explored.
  • Teachers are now using advancing technology to turn daily lectures into homework. This allows more time in the classroom for kids to work on interactive projects and get help from the teacher, resulting in what is called “flipped” classrooms. Having flexible work environments in the classroom to facilitate this collaborate interaction is key, as are flexible computing tools to accommodate the type of digital homework required.

All of these advances can help students get the most out of their education each day and provide educators the opportunities to do things never before possible. New advances continue to propel us further into the future of education, and while the landscape may appear different, the traditional educational goals are the same – to engage learners and promote healthy learning styles for all involved.

Ergotron is at the ISTE Conference 2013 in San Antonio this week showing off some of the latest in device management and education-related products. If you are there visit us at Booth 6208 or follow along at @ergotron.

Teacher tech even teachers enjoy…

By Michelle Judd, Sr. Marketing Manager @ Ergotron

Last week at InfoComm, Christine Persaud of Canada’s MarketNews took a closer look at some of the educational tools on the show floor in her post, InfoComm 2011: The Education Market Takes Tech By Storm. Companies in her focus? Optoma, in partnership with U.K. software company WizTeach, Samsung, Creston, and even Ergotron. Continue reading

Students/teachers engage in latest technologies at NMSA

Sheila Veschusio, Education Industry Leader @ Ergotron

At the National Middle School Association (NMSA) event last week in Baltimore, MD, I found there was a lot of excitement in the education community for the new technologies going into classrooms. 

The 21st Century Classroom at the show highlighted some great technologies (including the TeachWell® Mobile Digital Platform by Ergotron), and really engaged the classes that participated. 

The teachers and students alike moved around from the large classroom to smaller work areas, and the mobility of the TeachWell cart really came in handy to facilitate that flexibility. 

It was great to see the enthusiasm on the students faces as they worked with the various media provided in the 21st Century Classroom.

Thanks to everyone that stopped by the booth. Special congratulations to Susan Y. of Phoenix, AZ, the lucky teacher who won an Ergotron TeachWell unit at the show.

Nominate your K-12 school to win some serious edtech

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron 

Have you heard of the “TeachWell® to the Rescue: Nominate a School Today” sweepstakes? If not, you will soon.

The word is out, from parent associations in Eagan, MN, to radio spots in Sherman, TX, K-12 schools are getting their communities involved to win an ultimate technology hub from Ergotron, Samsung, and Dell. 

What am I talking about, you ask?

With school budget cuts on the rise, take a chance to bring serious educational technology—more than $3,000 USD worth of prizes—into your school for free. ANY person (18 years of age and older) can enter ANY K-12 school of their choosing (in the US and Canada only). Simply visit http://promos.ergotron.com, fill out the online form and your school is entered. 

But it doesn’t end there. Up the ante with three optional ways to enter the school AGAIN. See the promo site for more details, take a look at the TeachWell commercial, or see what people are talking about in our tweet section.

What are you waiting for? You know your favorite school deserves this, so enter them today. Good luck!

2010 Edtech priorities review

Michelle Judd, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Communications @ Ergotron

Shawn Roner, @shawnroner, on his blog http://edbuzz.org, is discussing this week ISTE’s Top Ten Edtech Priorities for 2010. ISTE (The International Society for Technology in Education) is an association for educators and education leaders with a mission to help improve learning and teaching by advancing the effective use of technology in PK-12 and higher education.

No doubt, as Shawn’s post points out, schools are already in the planning and consideration stage should Federal and State governments release the funds in 2010 to “facilitate school reform.” Technology will be a part of proposed spending and it is up to “school leaders to consider the extent to which technology will shape this effort.”

Of note, number 4, “Continuously upgrade educators’ classroom technology skills as a pre-requisite of highly effective teaching.”

Ergotron’s research into the classroom over the last year was illuminating to many on the team. Long-term memory of technology in the classroom? Sometimes you got to watch a PBS special on a black and white TV.

Things have changed. I just responded to a student’s blog, from a link on Twitter from @teachakidd. Lee Kolbert is using blogging in the classroom and was asking her Twitter followers to comment and to tell where they were from when they did so. 

Yes, things have changed.

Our sympathies, if you want to say it that way, and cheers do go out to the educators, who are having to learn how to do more with less, and to learn more to teach more. Learning technology can be fascinating, but it is time consuming too.

It’s good to note as we continue to design products for the education market. Easy to implement technology is definitely part of our strategy.

I recommend reading the whole post. It is a comprehensive list and I like that it ends with number 10, “Promote global digital citizenship.”