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Celebrate Earth Day, April 22

Earth Day will be observed by more than 1 billion people around the world this Saturday. Since its debut on April 22, 1970, it has annually reminded us all of the value of clean air, land, and water.

As an environmentally responsible company, Ergotron is doing our part to reduce our footprint while growing. We use state-of-the-art management and manufacturing practices to “go green” wherever possible. Our products are built sustainably, and comply with the Green Building Council and other sustainable building certification criteria.

Also, Ergotron products are designed to be future-proof, so they continue to be useful when you add new personnel, upgrade computer hardware, or reconfigure a work space.

Our mission: to help you save money, reduce pollution, and protect your employees and families.

Want to help make a difference? Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

Find tips for practicing the “3 Rs” of waste reduction every day in our environment: at home, school, work, and in your community.

Look for special activities in your local area in recognition of Earth Day on Saturday. Near Ergotron HQ, 75,000 ladybugs were released inside the Mall of America by kids this past Thursday. As natural predators of plant-killing insects, they will help replace chemical pesticides for the 30,000 plants and 400 trees inside the 5.6 million-square-foot building.

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Earth Day: A great time to reuse, recycle…

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Did you know that only 12.5% of e-waste is currently recycled? E-waste, of course, being the electronic gadgets, etc. du jour that somehow become immediately obsolete seconds after we use them. Who doesn’t have extra keyboards, extra cords, extra phones, and heaven forbid, gasp, an old CRT?

Earth Day is always a great day to remember these e-wasters and make a plan to dispose of them posthaste!

In the document, “11 facts About E-Waste,” DoSomething.org reminds us that e-waste represents 2% of America’s trash in landfills.

Fortunately, there are groups like Dosomething.org that are helping us become responsible e-citizens, and that organizations exist that will analyze “e-waste” to determine if it is waste at all. Here at Ergotron, 100% of our e-waste is recycled through an outlet that either gets these materials back in circulation or recycled for materials recovery.

Joanne P., contacted us one day about a resource she found helpful. If you are a Verizon customer, they have a program that provides a safe way to dispose of unwanted electronic devices, and they’ll reward you too. Best Buy does something similar, accepting nearly all electronics and large appliances at no charge.

Looking for other outlets? Spring and Fall are two seasons for neighborhood cleanups. Agencies and businesses come together to help neighbors recycle everything from construction waste to, you guessed it, e-waste. Contact your local recycling center to learn about dates scheduled in your neighborhood.

Of course, there are county-wide organizations that accept your used e-waste all year long. Sometimes for a fee. Still, spending a few dollars to keep it out of a landfill is a good thing.

Each year at the Minnesota State Fair the DNR creates an Adopt-a-River Sculpture create a sculpture out of all the things they dragged out of the Mississippi River. It’s astounding. If you are faced with the choice of the garbage can, the river, some ditch on a remote country road or spending a few minutes researching local resources online, please choose online!

You could even organize your own event, or partner with a local recycler like we did yesterday morning to help celebrate Earth Day. It was surprisingly easy to find a few volunteers, communicate it to the company, and gather up the 330 plus pounds of e-waste.

In the end, Earth Day is always a good reminder…whatever your waste is, recycle responsibly.

Vampire power sucking you dry?

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Earth Day, Ergotron is tacking the unruly vampires that sneak around our offices and our homes. They suck energy from everything plugged into our electrical outlets. Laptops. Monitors. Printers. Devices. Appliances.

Fortunately, no garlic needed in fighting these bad boys. Some simple proactive tips can save businesses and the homeowner a significant amount of money each year off the electric bill.

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