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Variation on a best-selling theme – New LX SKUs in white

Ergotron LX Single Desk Mount LCD Arm
Up. Down. Forward. Back. The LX provides unparalleled range of motion for any business setting. Choose from these three SKUs with white steel and aluminum construction:

LX Desk Mount LCD Arm
LX Dual Side-By-Side Desk Mount
LX Dual Stacking Desk Mount

Planning to grommet mount? Order this kit for the Single LX Arms and this kit for the Dual LX Arms. Or for a Notebook Tray configuration order part number (50-193-200).

The Ergotron LX – An “excellent piece of kit”

Michelle Judd, Sr. Marketing Manager, Global Communications

I’ve been thinking about a home office remodel for quite some time now. Working at Ergotron, it is like a trade show everyday. Just when I settle on one solution, we launch a new product. Sigh. I know there are worse problems to have.

Since I need both monitors and arms, when I come across a review like Robin’sBenQ G2420HDBL Monitor – not my greatest purchase” out on his Macbitz blog, I’m interested. It’s always good to pay attention to people who are smarter than you, especially when it comes to tech.

Robin gives a pretty thorough review of the monitors, and his reasons for choosing an Ergotron LX Desk Mount for his widescreen display. Samsung is still high on my list, thanks to him.

If you are in the market for a new widescreen display, check it. If you have any tips for me? Much appreciated.

Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Kol

Sem Wildenburg, Marketing Events Coordinator, Europe @ Ergotron

Görkem Yıldırım, of Pckoloji.com, recently reviewed Ergotron’s LX Dual Side-by-Side Arm. Link here to the review in Turkish: Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side Kol. There are 12 pages in the review, with an excellent video on page 11.

Görkem Yıldırım had this to say in conclusion: “Most of us use LCD monitors on tables. If you are planing to buy a secondary LCD monitor and don’t know how to handle with space and cable clutter, then no need to worry anymore! Thanks to the Ergotron LX Dual Side-by-Side arm, it is not a problem. You have the  advantage of easy assembly and setup. You can try it in portrait mode or hide one of the LCD when you don’t need it. It is also possible to turn one of them to the side/back of table to show a video or presentation to your friend or colleague.”

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