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There’s a reason they call it sitting disease

The office worker has been facing a deadly foe each week as they settle down before their computer—little do they know it. This foe? Sitting Disease.  A new study just released from the American Cancer Society reveals an even deadlier link, the strong connection between sitting around and cancer.

According to CBS News report “Study links sitting around to cancer,” the analytical study, presented today at the American Institute for Cancer Research (AICR) annual conference in Washington, D.C., cites “92,000 cases a year of breast and colon cancer that can be blamed on physical inactivity.”

The AICR presented data from a new paper on physical inactivity and breast cancer presentation. The paper, took the findings of 200 studies worldwide and found specific links to 43,ooo new colon cancer cases and 49,000 breast cancer cases.

This press release from the AICR, Getting Up From Your Desk Can Put the “Brakes” on Cancer, explains it more detail.

“Taken together, this research suggests that every day, we’re each given numerous opportunities to be active and protect ourselves from cancer, not one,” said AICR spokesperson Alice Bender, MS RD.  They suggest  a simple model of “make time and break time” as shown in this Infographic (PDF) by the AICR:

“This new research on break time suggests there are small things we can do in the other 15 hours and 30 minutes we spend awake that also make a big difference.” said Bender.

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We have been tracking research on sitting disease  and the health risks of sitting too much for a couple of years. Take a look at the mounting evidence and make the decision for yourself. Isn’t it time to take your health to a new level?

Small things like taking breaks, moving around are good. Over the typical day, you begin to see opportunities to add in more movement, both at work and at home.

Integrate sit-to-stand philosophy in the areas of your life where you spend the largest time sitting, like working at a computer or in front of a TV. Taking an interactive approach to your life not only increases your energy, focus, productivity and general sense of well-being…there are also the obvious benefits of taking preventative measure against serious health risks.

We’ll be tracking the coverage over the weeks and months ahead on Juststand.org and throughout our social media platforms. Take time to start talking about this with your families, coworkers, neighbors and bosses.

The AICR urges us to make time for physical activity and break every hour of sitting with 1 to 2 minutes of activity. This isn’t anything new, we know. The breaks can be simple (e.g. standing to take a call, filing something, walking to talk to a co-worker, etc.). Or, even better, you could adopt a sit-stand workstation.

The real challenge is whether you will do it. Will you?