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WorkFit-A, Platinum: Life Changer for a Creative

Creative folks want the ultimate freedom — to do things in their own unique way. Meet Justin, a graphic designer applying his magic to branding projects across the nation. Only problem: a traditional seated workstation was cramping his style, both physically and creatively. 

With the new WorkFit-A workstation, Justin now has the option to stand up and create whenever he likes throughout the day. He notes that his work has improved, his body feels better, and his tension is gone.  He also appreciates the WorkFit’s amazing functionality and design. It’s been a life changer for him. 

Want that same freedom to sit or stand? See Justin’s story

Brand on!

5 steps to a killer sit-stand desk

Michelle Judd, Sr. Marketing Manager @ Ergotron

I got a call one night from a reporter asking, “How do you go about choosing a sit-stand desk? Is there a science to it?” It got me thinking. What is involved with choosing the right setup?

Here is my take. See if you agree. 
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Chair-raising Office Horrors

The neighborhood wasn’t unfamiliar to me; in the last dozen years, there had been a handful of calls. What struck me as strange was the building itself. Not an apartment or a hotel or even a store, but a slick new rehab that had been gutted and rebuilt from the red brick walls on in. There was nothing to betray it as one of the hundreds of tenement buildings formerly located on the lower-east side of the city.

In all, some 7,000 people had occupied this 2,500 foot space. Of course, they were distributed vertically over six stories and historically over 150 years. No surprise then that the building’s current residents were experiencing a haunting. Ten months ago, just a few blocks down, on Orchard, I had experienced one of the most terrifying experiences of my professional career, when the ghosts of a civil war widow and her 12 children decided to come out from under the floor boards of a long-abandoned cistern. As I walked up the steps to the front entrance, I whistled softly to calm my nerves. Heck of a thing, being afraid of ghosts in my business.
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The tale of two Stand Up guys

Meet the players.

Xavier Lanier

@XavierLanier, gadget enthusiast, photographer and publisher of &

Josh Smith@Josh_Smith, a self-professed twenty something technology lover who covers the Web/finance beat for Walletpop and

About a month ago, both men took the sit-stand challenge and ordered review units of Ergotron’s Sit-Stand Workstations, the WorkFit-C (mobile cart) and WorkFit-S (fixed surface stand). We’ve been following their progress on Twitter and here are their stories:
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A Good Chair is Essential for Sit-to-Stand Computing

Carrie Schmitz, Office Ergonomics Consultant & Engineering Publications Manager @ Ergotron

If your job involves sitting for several hours each day in front of a computer, it probably isn’t easy to imagine yourself doing the same work standing.

A recent study asked office workers to state their preference for standing or sitting, and while the majority indicated they’d rather stand, I believe that number would have been even higher if people had a model to help them visualize what standing at a computer is all about.

In my own case, it took an entire year for me to decide on converting my desk to a sit/stand configuration.

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Stand by me!

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

I really never thought that a product launch day could be so exciting. The world of social networking has dramatically changed the way I look at traditional marketing. Let me tell you why:

I got to be part of this awesome video production,—w

I get the choice to sit/stand whenever I want during the day,

I get to be part of a leading-edge informational group that helps other people feel better,

and I get to share all this with the world via social media avenues.

Now that’s a pretty exciting day for a digital native!!!

The Golden Rules for Comfortable Computing

Wendy McCubbin, Global Training Manager @ Ergotron

A simple equation: Posture + Movement + Rest = Comfortable Computing.

Do you spend more than two hours a day sitting at the computer?  Was your workspace designed to ‘fit’ you or was it there waiting for you when you arrived with no consideration for your physical stature or personal requirements?

If you answered yes to either of these questions and especially to both, then you should seriously consider having an ergonomic assessment done. Because as Dr. Joseph Sweere, Professor in the Chiropractic Clinical Sciences Division and the Chairman of the Department of Occupational Health, College of Chiropractic at Northwestern Health Sciences University says, “The machine should adapt to the human, not the human to the machine.” 

Ensuring that your workspace ‘fits’ you ensures that you are provided a comfortable and more productive computing experience.

Doing an assessment can be very simple, too—with a little help from this instructional video used alongside Ergotron’s ‘Workspace Planner’ tool. So take a few minutes now, print out the Workspace Planner and view the video.  Do the assessment and make some changes—your back, neck and shoulders will love you for it!

This thing is huge – LX Triple/Dual Review


Photo Credits: Jeffrey Forman

The new @ergotron monitor stand is put together and on the desk. This thing is huge. Now if only I can lower it from the stratosphere…

This is the one of the tweets from @jforman, prior to his review of the LX Triple/Dual Display Lift Stand on his blog, The Life and Times of Jeffrey Forman

‘Some assembly required’ is a given with Ergotron products, in order to let you customize it to suit your individual monitor models and space requirements. Jeff gives you an extremely thorough review of this popular unit, from delivery to installation. The highs and the lows of his experience. All told, it took about 45 minutes to build and attach the unit to his “two Samsung Syncmaster 213T LCDs.”

Jeff had this to say in conclusion, “I’ve been using the stand now for the past few days, and I really appreciate how it has helped clean up my desk. Having the monitors at eye height is a lot more comfortable.”

Take a look at his review that him know what you think.   


Mac Guy & PC at peace here

Ever see the Mac Guy / PC guy commercials and think, “Yeah, I’m a Mac person, I can relate.” Or, “Nope, I’m definitely a PC.” What if you are both?

Adria Richards, local tech guru and founder of ButYoureAGirl, AskAdria and Freshworkshops, gives you a glimpse behind the scenes of the multi platform user in her post, My Triple Screen setup for Dell with Windows 7 and Macbook Pro.  


Photo Credit: adria.richards

Adria takes you through the tech that makes it possible for her to work her magic; tech which includes Ergotron LX Arms to give her monitors some height-adjustment and movement. It’s a comprehensive look at all the tools she uses, worth the read.

Not your ordinary mod

Michelle Judd, Global Communications Manager @ Ergotron recently published a post on multi display mount systems featuring a review by Ibrin, WSGF Founder (, “Ergotron Neo-Flex HD 7 DS100 Triple Monitor Stand Review at WSGF.”  

We highlighted Ibrin’s initial request for upgrade parts in our post, “Get your arms around this one,”  pointing to Ibrin’s Youtube review of his original solution. When we spoke with Ibrin last he was moving from 22″ to 24″ monitors and was looking to mod some new parts with his existing set-up.

No doubt about it. He’s got an engineer’s eye and heart for the challenge.

Here is his video review, but take a look at his post as well. It is extremely informative and covers the ins and outs of his experience, and his recommendations for the gamer community on getting displays off desks.

He says, “The freedom to make better use of your desk space is damn-near a liberating experience.”    

Ibrin mentions he wishes we made a Wall Mount product for those gamers with Surround Gaming rigs. Have no fear, the right people here at Ergotron are getting the message. The first step sometimes is just to ask.

Have a new product idea that will solve your set up challenges? Let us know.