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Locust Pose

[Movie] Pose Addresses that Pain in Your Neck

Americans spent nearly 11 hours a day in front of screens in 2016, according to Nielson. Bending our heads during screen time translates to unwelcome pressure on the part of the spine above our shoulders. Fight against this literal pain in the neck with a discreet locust pose that works to reduce neck and shoulder tension.

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Making the Case for Workplace Movement

Betsey Banker PodcastResearch continues to shed light on the dangers of sedentary lifestyles, but many employers (and employees) are still catching on to the sit-stand movement. Ergotron’s Wellness Market Manager Betsey Banker caught up with WisBusiness, Wisconsin’s business news source, at the PDS Connect 2017 technology conference to discuss how organizations can offer a healthier way to work with sit-stand workstations.

They also cover the latest research on inactivity, the risks of sitting for long periods of time and how environment changes can prompt workers to think differently about physical activity.

To listen to the short podcast, click here. Looking for clear steps on how to transition your organization to sit-stand furniture? Be sure to download our new Make the Sit-Stand Switch™ handbook today.

Pigeon pose

[Movie] Counteract Stress with a Hip-Opening Pigeon Pose

Did you know that your hips can hold much of your stress? Sitting increases stress, which can take a toll on your hips and mood. With a simple pigeon pose done sitting or standing, you can increase hip flexibility, improve pelvic alignment and boost your spirit.

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3 Strategies to Create a Culture of Movement

Sit-stand SwitchEvolving into a movement-friendly culture can be a challenge for many organizations. But with uninterrupted sitting negatively impacting employee productivity and contributing to many unhealthy and costly physical conditions, companies know they need to make a change. But where to start?

In our new handbook, Make the Sit-Stand Switch, we outline three strategies that will help businesses not only replace their static office furniture with sit-stand workstations, but develop a program that infuses movement for the long term.

In Make the Sit-Stand Switch, you will learn how to:

  • Build mindshare among influencers and address concerns
  • Design a program with an effective policy, process and communications
  • Choose what and when to measure results

Ready to improve engagement, performance, health and your business goals? Download the handbook today!

Camel Pose

[Movie] 3 Poses to Counteract Back Pain

Hours spent sitting in your chair can lead to back pain that stays with you long after you leave the office. Get into a movement mindset while improving your spine health and lowering your back pain with these simple poses, all done from the convenience of your work area.

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Why You Should Start Thinking About Physical Activity as a Continuum

We’re all familiar with the benefits of traditional exercise like running, weight lifting and even taking the stairs, but how do those activities stack up against standing? And where does the impact of sedentary behavior like sitting fit in?

Physical activity should be looked at as a continuum, ranging from sedentary behavior all the way to vigorous exercise. Every move we make (or don’t make) shows up on the continuum. Due to national guidelines and prompts from our doctors, we often focus solely on getting enough moderate-to-vigorous exercise. But overlooking the rest of the continuum is a big problem since exercise is not enough to counteract sedentary behavior. All movements, even small ones, matter.

In our latest podcast, Betsey Banker, Ergotron’s Wellness Market Manager, breaks down the different components of the physical activity continuum while echoing the importance of balance across all activity types for reaching our best level of health and well-being. With technology constantly pulling us toward the inactive end of the spectrum, understanding the full physical activity continuum is more important than ever.

You can listen to the podcast here. Want to dig deeper into the study of movement? Download Ergotron’s recent “Why Movement Matters” white paper.

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Simple changes? Big benefits! Introducing the new

The average person sits more than 12 hours each day with much of that time spent at the workplace. To fight against a culture of inactivity, Ergotron has spent the last seven years raising awareness of the dangers of prolonged sitting through

Now stacked with new resources, interactive tools and a fresh look and feel, connects employees and employers with the tools you need to infuse movement into your work day.

“Research is rapidly progressing on the health impact of a sedentary lifestyle and the effectiveness of products like sit-stand desks,” Pete Segar, Ergotron CEO, said. “ is a convenient source for research and useful tips on creating a healthy, productive workplace.”


Within the new site, visitors will be automatically routed to the new design with access to popular tools like the calorie-burn calculator and sitting time calculator. You can also view new resources like an interactive Ergotron timeline and benefits of standing section also available at

Within other main sections, you can view quick tips for standing at the office and download surveys, infographics, case studies and more to share with your colleagues.

Ready to take a stand with us? Explore the new site to discover the latest facts, research and benefits of adding movement to your workplace. And be sure to join our mission, subscribe to the MoveMore blog, or sign up receive the latest news from the JustStand® Wellness Movement.

Movement Matters: On this we can all agree!

Movement Matters

Do contradictory research study results ever frustrate you? First we hear, for example, that butter is bad for us and then, just a few years later, people are adding it to their coffee for its supposed health benefits. It can be confusing to know what’s really true in a world where “facts” are continually changing. We’d like to point out a notable exception. A large and growing number of credible research projects are all reaching the same indisputable conclusion: sitting all day is bad for human health.

Now you can read the research in one, easy to digest place. Our new, free white paper, “Why Movement Matters,” by Carrie Schmitz, AOEAS, CHC, Ergotron’s Sr. Manager of Human Factors and Ergonomic Research, summarizes the latest research findings and makes a compelling case for investment in movement-friendly environments. Best of all, the research finds direct and strong correlations between even minor changes in sitting behavior and health benefits.



Register Today! ErgoExpo Webinar May 17 – Designing a Professional Sit-Stand Desk Converter Workstation

It’s possible to affordably upgrade existing desks with a sit-stand desk converter. But with so many brands, how do you choose the right one?

Ergotron is sponsoring ErgoExpo’s May Wednesday Webinar. The event features Ergotron’s CEO, Peter Segar, and Director. Mustafa Ergun, who will be sharing Egotron’s design criteria for professional grade sit-stand workstations. They hope to raise awareness about the importance of ergonomic ranges when choosing solutions across a broad population of users. This knowledge will aid business understanding of the critical design elements involved in creating a sit-stand workstation that is safe and reliable for years to come.

Register now for Wednesday, May 17th at 11am PT | 2pm ET.


  • Discusses principles of designing and testing of a professional-grade Sit-Stand Desk Converter
  • Proposes Sit-Stand Desk Converter safety standards
  • Establishes criteria to evaluate Sit-Stand Desk Converters

It offers practical, clear guidance for businesses seeking to create healthy work cultures where employees can thrive. We hope to see you there!

BONUS! Attend and ErgoExpo will issue a Certificate of Completion you can use to apply for CEUs with BCSP directly or CoC points with BCPE directly.

CAN’T ATTEND? An online recording of the live session will be available after the event on the ErgoExpo site.

“Anatomy of a Sit-Stand Company” Webinar on April 26th!

Join us Wednesday April 26, 2017 at 9am PT (12pm ET and 4pm UTC) for the “Anatomy of a Sit-Stand Company” webinar. Discover how workplace wellness and productivity is impacted by workstations, whether movement-friendly or not. Ergotron surveyed over 1,000 employees, from seven different divisions, and over 40 locations of a publicly traded corporation and is bringing the insights to you in this informative discussion.

Register now for this 45-minute live web broadcast with Ergotron’s worksite wellness expert Betsey Banker.

Wellness professionals interested in the corporate adoption of sit-stand workstations will especially benefit from this webinar.


  • Get a snapshot of the various impacts of traditional versus sit-stand desks in a large, multi-segment organization
  • Find out the personal impact access to movement-friendly workstations can have on sedentary employees
  • Receive a free executive summary that highlights results of the Workplace Movement Assessment

With over a decade of experience working for a leading manufacturer of ergonomic and sit-stand display mount solutions, Betsey has experienced firsthand the transformative impact that movement can have on worker wellbeing. [read full bio]

CAN’T ATTEND? An online recording of the live session will be available after the event.