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Ergotron 2016 Holiday Gift Guide

To make it easy for you to find the perfect gift for everyone on your list, we’ve assembled this guide to popular Ergotron products and related gear! And as always, if you need help, please reach out.

WorkFit-T, Sit-Stand Desktop Workstation
Give the priceless gift of wellness. Quickly convert an existing surface into a sit-stand workstation with the WorkFit-T. It’s the simple solution for making a sit-stand routine as natural as pouring a cup of coffee. Watch the video!

Neo-Flex® All-In-One Lift Stand
Delight the gamer on your list! Mount a CPU and display on this space-saving accessory and adjust the height of the monitor effortlessly. A small case makes it easy to carry from room to room.

MX Mini Desk Mount Arm
Giving a tablet or other handheld to a techie? Get the MX Mini to go with it and they’ll be doubly happy. An ideal mount for lightweight displays, it’s also stylish and affordable.

ErgotronHome™ Lift24
Perfect for the college student in a cramped dorm room, or the busy professional on the go, the Lift24 portable desk is a space-saving way to sit or stand while using a laptop or other device.

ErgotronHome™ Hub27
And for the multitasking family member, the Hub27 corrals and charges devices, plus doubles as a wall-mounted standing desk. Sort mail, make notes or do some computing, then close and lock it. The glass door acts as a dry erase message board.

Elliptical Trainer
With the ultra-popular elliptical trainer, your loved ones can work out while they work or watch TV, which means less time at the gym and more time to spend with you! Other options: stretchy bands, hand weights, mini-steppers and balance boards.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones
We all know the holidays can be a stressful time. These headphones will help you escape the crazy sleigh ride, and find your own peace on earth.

How to take employee health to new heights


Achieving a higher level of health sounds great, but what are the actual steps an organization should be taking to make it happen, both for employees and the business? That’s part of the question that Ergotron aims to answer at the Higher Health Symposium on April 19th at Northwestern Health Sciences University (NHSU) in Bloomington, MN.

Ergotron is partnering with the NHSU and several other notable companies, including Advacare, Corporate Health Systems, Optum and Trig. The day-long forum will help HR professionals and executives to better understand the healthcare landscape, and solutions that are both available and appropriate for their own companies.

There’s a lot to be said on the subject and the day’s agenda will be fast-paced. Conference-goers will hear from six unique speakers on all aspects of innovative employee health and wellness, and a panel discussion will delve into the importance of curbing rising healthcare costs through improved employee wellness. Ergotron will present in the afternoon on the importance of workspace designs that allow for regular movement.

If you’re ready to take your own employees’ health to new heights, register to attend. We welcome your participation in the conversation and invite you to visit Ergotron in the exhibition hall as well.

Follow along on social channels, too, using hashtag #HigherHealthSym16.

LevelCap’s Gaming Computer Setup: Take the Tour

Great news for all you gaming enthusiasts! LevelCap Gaming has opened the door on his gaming command center and invites you to come and take a look. He’s showing you all the computer gear he uses to game, plus what he uses to record and edit reviews on his YouTube channel. Enjoy!

Get your arms around this one

Darrell George, Internal Account Manager @ Ergotron

I’ve worked here at Ergotron for a lot of years and I am constantly amazed at how customers are positioning our products. They definitely get pretty creative when it comes to putting together a monitor configuration that best fits their needs.

Take Skip Clark (Ibrin), owner and founder of the Widescreen Gaming Forum. He wanted to have 3 LCD screens hovering over his desk but wanted everything mounted to the wall. He started with our Neo-Flex HD Wall Mount Swing Arm and the DS100 Triple-Monitor Desk Stand and then took his creativity from there.

He used our DS100 Triple monitor crossbar and attached it to the Neo-Flex HD Wall Mount swing arm. Although this not something we can suggest doing it sure looks like it is working out pretty good for Skip. Here’s his YouTube review of the installation:

Skip recently contacted us regarding upgrading his 22″ monitors to 24″ monitors. He was checking to see if we had a DS100 Quad with 55″ Crossbar that he could review. The Quad crossbar will hold the three 24″ monitors and Skip thinks he can hang it on the wall with the two Neo-Flex arms that he has. Ergotron does sell the Long Crossbar extender (55”) #97-447-200  and an Outboard Pole Clamps #60-443-200 will probably work for his needs.

I look forward to hearing more from Skip about how all this plays out.

How have you gotten creative with Ergotron?

Gamer ergonomics, is it for you?

Michelle Judd, Global Communications Manager @ Ergotron

I have a friend here at Ergotron who always says to me, good, responsible “healthcare” begins with you. I happen to agree, whether you are working eight to twelve hours a day at your desk job, or fighting it out for six to eight hours each night in Halo.

Richard Bernier, Dell Community Security Liaison, just wrote a post about Ergonomics for the Gamer. In the post he likened gamers to the Olympians of old in terms of competitive spirit. Unfortunately, he writes, “this term (gamer) causes some people to completely disregard the physical demands of one’s body when playing video games.”  

One thing I’ve been discovering about gamers, they like the cool monitors. Many even spring for a pretty good desk or wall mount. Even possibly a comfy chair. These are the serious competitors. What about the new recruits out there? The rookies? Are you keeping comfort or “ergonomics” as a part of your equipment considerations?

But beyond that, beyond having a primo, even ergonomic, setup. Are you taking ownership of your health to the next level? Frequent breaks to relieve your eyes, stretch your shoulders, relax your wrists? Richard mentions as one resource, or take a look at our ergonomics primer for some other quick, simple exercises.

So much time is spent getting to the next level, defeating the opposing team, crushing the other player, but to what cost? One thing about Olympians, they protect their bodies. Are you?

Confession of a geezer gamer

For reference I play video games on an Xbox 360 and usually Halo 3 matchmaking on Live.

Now, I’m an old graphic designer. I’m also a very old video gamer. I have created documents on an art board with paper, pen, and ink. I remember the Atari and Commodore consoles.

Changing the way I create art from the traditional tools to computer had its benefits and disappointments. While computers today with support for multi-displays have improved my work life greatly, the lack of screen real-estate in today’s games is problematic.

Take getting shot in first person shooter games.  I want to continue working on the target ahead of me, simply turning my head to see where my attacker is—not using an indicator that the shot came from the right, left, or rear.

Current display technology cannot provide the 180° view I am familiar with in real life.

I noticed a post recently on the Wide Screen Gaming Forum that has made me hopeful. Other gamers are finding this limitation frustrating too.

In this post Ergotron Neo-Flex HD & DS100 Monitor Mounts – WSGF Review the author has used Ergotron products to mount his displays for a panoramic view. He modifies the mounting hardware in a fashion not supported by Ergotron, but I would do the same if I had the idea. It makes me want to go purchase Call of Duty 4 for the PC.

Currently set-up of a “surround gaming” system is only available on computers. I’m hopeful that one (or more) of the console manufacturers will take note and find a way to port this type of configuration to their systems.