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Grant and TESS – A Match Made in Heaven

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

I had the pleasure of sitting down (we should have been standing!) with Grant Henriksen, Sales Associate and Customer Events, here at Ergotron. Grant was recently hired to travel around the country to customer events, trade-shows, reseller events, distributors, and end users with the Traveling Ergotron Solutions Showroom (T.E.S.S.). After a few months on the road, Grant was able to recap what his new life has been like, and how TESS is evolving the Ergotron sales strategy.

Heather: How have things been going so far?

Grant: Outstanding. The response has been awesome from all of our visits. It’s great to get our product out in front of our customer and partners. Everyone is having a great time.

H: What is some specific feedback you have heard from resellers and other sales reps that sell Ergotron product?

G: The events are great. They are happy to be a part of any TESS event. They get to check out the newest product. And, most importantly, they get to touch and feel the product that they have seen in our videos and our website, with the ability to get their hands on the product. That’s exactly what TESS is all about. When they get to see close up, it really sells itself.

H: The HIMSS show was very different for us this year. Can you tell us how that came to fruition?

G: It was neat. It was a show within a show, since we actually brought TESS into our booth in Las Vegas. Not only did attendees get to see Ergotron product at our booth, but they also got firsthand look at what TESS is like on the road. They got a sneak peek of what TESS could bring to them, literally, in the near future.

H: What is in the near future for you and TESS?

G: There is a lot of ground slated to be covered in the next few months. 10 states in the next 60 days.

H: What’s your favorite part about this whole experience?

G: The people I get to meet. The stories they tell me about how much they enjoy Ergotron and our product(s). And, how excited they are to have something like TESS come to them. It’s a unique opportunity that only a company like Ergotron will, and has, done.

We know a lot of you are wanting TESS to come to you in the near future. Check out the up-to-date schedule of cities online. If your city is listed and you would like a visit, or if it’s not listed and you would still like a visit –  please email I wish Grant safe travels and even more wonderful customer visits!

Future of Ergonomics Webinar & #ergochat Combined for 11/9/2011

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

Every Wednesday at 1PM CST I have been moderating an #ergochat discussion on Twitter. Ergonomics experts come from all over the world to discuss a different topic each week, and to share their insight with others.

This week, there will also be a webinar going on at the same time, titled, “The Future of Ergonomics” Hosted by Omega Health Systems. The webinar will have a panel of experts providing real-world examples of how individuals and teams can advance Ergonomics in organizations today. Directly from the invite: Don’t miss this important event as we discuss the ROI of Ergonomics, making Ergonomics a proactive discipline within your organization, and securing executive buy-in for your Ergonomics program.

Ergotron will be a sponsor, and we will have time to speak about our stance on the topic.We have sent out an invite to our partners this week as well.

I am asking that our #ergochat friends and followers join the complimentary webinar. I will be live tweeting important information from the webinar.

Go ahead and register here, and I look forward to chatting with you tomorrow!


October is National Ergonomics Month!

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

It’s the most wonderful time of the year – National Ergonomics Month. We’re intent on spreading the word about Ergonomics, and are hosting a series of Twitter chats and are doing five promotions to boot!

Below are a few more details:

Twitter Chat


Please be sure to join us for the #ergochat and enter the drawings. We look forward to connecting with you throughout the month! Cheers to happy and healthy computing!


Ergotron Customer Care Rocks (people on Twitter think so too)!

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

I have the privilege of sitting next to the customer care department in the office, and quite often I find myself pausing from what I am working on, to overhear a conversation one of them is on. Quite frequently I think to myself how patient that person was, how carefully (yet quickly) they chose their words, and how professional the whole conversation was. Continue reading

Hockey and Motorcycles- A Marriage Made in Heaven

OK, I realize this topic is not really about Ergonomics.  But it is a solution to a problem that I have had for years.   In Minnesota, when we get a nice day, us motorcycle riders like to ride!  But in my case,  twice weekly ice hockey games have prevented me from riding every Tues and Thurs.  Today, I have a solution: 

Pete with VRod loaded with hockey equip

Continue reading

Working Fit – but time for a little chocolate now and then.

Well – we’re up to our eyeballs here at the ‘tron, getting the Uprising Risen.


Spreading the word about JustStand.

This pursuit of health and wellness is occasionally marred by a basic human need for chocolate.

M & M’s are the easiest choice – I can at least attempt to share them.


And our break room has a few different M & M options.

You can buy them from the 25 cent candy dispensing machine.

Or you can buy them from the vending machine at $1.00 per pack.

Last week  I was trying to be exceptionally diligent, and only wanted a little taste – just a few M & Ms. I went to the break room with just a quarter in hand.  In went the quarter, out came eight peanut M & Ms.  Eight for a quarter, or approximately $0.03 each.   Hmmmmmm. It was the first time I’ve ever thought of the per piece value to an M & M.

Yesterday I splurged, and bought the vending pack.  It cost four times as much as last week’s impulse buy – but guess what?  I did not get four times the number of M & Ms.  I didn’t even get three times the number.  I got only 22! Wow – is that a pricing problem, or what?

I wonder what the per piece price of M & Ms are if I bought the “vendor box” of individual packs at Costco, vs the heavy duty 4 lb bag.  I wonder what I’d find online?  A new adventure awaits next week. . .stay tuned.  Let’s uncover M & M’s pricing strategy together. . .

Stand with Pete. Just Stand.

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

What’s your standing story? Can you bring your sit/stand desk to other people in a meeting? Do you understand the health impacts of sitting disease? We realize that here at Ergotron we are lucky, as we get to do this everyday. Watch and listen to Pete Segar, President of Global Branded Product, tell us how he helped start the movement we call The Uprising. He’ll explain his own history of back pain, how he decided to change it, and all with a Healthcare cart…

Chair-raising Office Horrors

The neighborhood wasn’t unfamiliar to me; in the last dozen years, there had been a handful of calls. What struck me as strange was the building itself. Not an apartment or a hotel or even a store, but a slick new rehab that had been gutted and rebuilt from the red brick walls on in. There was nothing to betray it as one of the hundreds of tenement buildings formerly located on the lower-east side of the city.

In all, some 7,000 people had occupied this 2,500 foot space. Of course, they were distributed vertically over six stories and historically over 150 years. No surprise then that the building’s current residents were experiencing a haunting. Ten months ago, just a few blocks down, on Orchard, I had experienced one of the most terrifying experiences of my professional career, when the ghosts of a civil war widow and her 12 children decided to come out from under the floor boards of a long-abandoned cistern. As I walked up the steps to the front entrance, I whistled softly to calm my nerves. Heck of a thing, being afraid of ghosts in my business.
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Stand by me!

Heather Rouillard, Global eMarketing Manager @ Ergotron

I really never thought that a product launch day could be so exciting. The world of social networking has dramatically changed the way I look at traditional marketing. Let me tell you why:

I got to be part of this awesome video production,—w

I get the choice to sit/stand whenever I want during the day,

I get to be part of a leading-edge informational group that helps other people feel better,

and I get to share all this with the world via social media avenues.

Now that’s a pretty exciting day for a digital native!!!

Response to Bill Read’s Review of the LX Arm

Carrie Schmitz, Manager of Engineering Publications @ Ergotron

I just read a review by Bill Read on Ergotron’s LX Dual Desk Mount Arm at, Ergotron LX Dual Desk Mount Arm Review.  

It was good to know that overall, he found the system “versatile and strong,” the very features that distinguish our products from the competition. And he was right in pointing out that the LX Arm reclaims valuable real estate on a desk; for some people, having a neat, well-organized work environment can alleviate stress and promote productivity (frankly, I’m not one of them).

While gaining desk space is a nice bonus to having an LX arm, the real impetus behind its design is to place notebook and flat panel monitor screens at a viewing height, distance and angle where they will help prevent undue fatigue and strain to the user. Having an advanced understanding of computer ergonomics, Bill took full advantage of the arm’s inherent flexibility to set-up a work station outside the usual recommendations (pigeon hole, in his lingo), but for most people, adding a separate keyboard is the best choice in an office configuration like his.

In his previous blog entry, “Sit Better, See Better”,, Bill corrected some common misconceptions about computer use, provided excellent guidance and referenced the workstation planner on Ergotron’s website as being in line with his experience as a computer consultant.

The very cool thing about the LX arm is that it makes all those ergonomic guidelines achievable! As he said in the review of the LX, “the two arms have a great range of motion . . . swing either of them up and totally out of the way. . . [They] articulate easily, but stay put where you need them to. You can tweak away at display position with little effort.”

The importance of his observations lies in the fact that there is a direct correlation between the range and motion of the LX arm and the height requirements of 90% of people working on computers. Not only that, but the arm can be adjusted according to the size and weight of mounted equipment. This adds up to total customization. I’m not sure that this point was clearly communicated by the product manual, so as the person responsible for its publication I’d like to make amends with an explanation and a fix.

His comment about planning ahead, and thinking about how the arms will articulate is well taken.

In creating instructions, we try to find a balance between too much information and not enough (people don’t tend to like manuals). And because our products are purchased by people across the globe, we try to provide instructions that either require no text (based on the IKEA model), or include multiple languages. That’s why he found three manuals packaged with the LX.

But change is afoot. As part of Ergotron’s green initiative, we have embarked on a project to package a single, quick start “set-up and go” guide which illustrates an overview of the assembly and includes a website address where more comprehensive instructions reside. It’s a rolling change which will affect the LX Series sometime in the next quarter. Cutting down on the number and size of product manuals is a good thing for the environment and should help us avoid any more scenarios where the customer resorts to the “eeny-meeny-miny-moe” method of installation!

If there is one challenge we at Ergotron find most frustrating, it’s that the general public doesn’t often realize that they can tailor their work station to fit their needs. Since they don’t expect their monitor to move up and down 13 inches, pan side-to-side, rotate from landscape to portrait, or tilt with the touch of a finger, they don’t try to do it, and that’s sad, because if you have an LX arm, and you’re not putting it through its paces, you’re missing out on a whole lot of fun.

I have the same product at my desk as Bill, and within the course of a work day, I estimate I’ve moved that monitor in and out of a dozen different positions. This is important, because, as ergonomists will tell you, holding a single posture (static loading) is one of the leading causes of muscle pain among computer users. As the graph below illustrates, the ultimate cost of treating work-related ailments is a burden we all carry.

What's Ailing Corporate America July 2007

At Ergotron, we believe that educating people about these risks is our responsibility as a manufacturer. We started the Comfortable Computing Initiative – – to share timely information on a variety of ergonomic topics. You’ll find there, a paper I wrote to address the specific ergonomic issues related to notebook PCs. In it I present the three essential components of ergonomic computer use in terms of an equation: Neutral Posture + Voluntary Motion + Routine Rest = Comfortable Computing.

The prevention of work-related conditions which lead to more serious health problems is part of a general campaign for wellness gaining momentum among businesses both in the United States and abroad. As people become aware of the role ergonomics plays in their efforts to remain healthy on the job, we expect their appreciation for the features built-into Ergotron products will expand accordingly.

This process is helped along thanks in part, to the efforts of people like Bill. We appreciate his review of our product, and encourage him to keep us informed of issues that we can use to improve the interface between humans and their machines.

I hope we hear from even more of you soon too.