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ErgotronHome Review: Dan’s Sit-Stand Success Story


ErgotronHome Workspace™ Lift35 Customer Review – “My back pain and fatigue is long gone!”

This is the first in a series of ErgotronHome product reviews for our new brand of ergonomic solutions for everyday computing in your home.

Who: Dan Halaburda, Sr. Director of Business Development at Petra Industries, a leading wholesale distributor of consumer electronics.

What: After two years of working at a home office sit-only desk, Dan was experiencing nagging pain in his back and knees, and suffering from physical fatigue, as well, which hampered his ability to work comfortably for extended periods. “Sitting all day was getting challenging, even with a fancy executive chair,” he explains.

Where: Home office in Arizona (cropped out of these pics are Dan’s bare feet – “that’s just how we roll in Arizona,” he explains) while corporate offices are in Oklahoma. Weekly, Dan works in both offices or anywhere else he can fire up a laptop while on the road in points between and all over the United States.

When & Why: Fast approaching his 60th birthday, Dan realized he couldn’t put off addressing his aches and pains any longer. Was it just age catching up with him? But then again he’s heard the same complaints from sedentary workers in their 30’s and 40’s.

Dan remembered how much he enjoyed using the Ergotron sit-stand desk and monitor arms that was part of his workstation at a previous job. (Executives were treated to their choice of Ergotron ergonomic products as a wellness benefit that had shown significant ROI.)

How: After visiting the Ergotron website, Dan found out they had a new brand of sit-stand products with a sleek, stylish look and feel for the home office. He ordered a Lift35 as his home office ergonomic solution. The Lift35 converts any surface into a flexible sit-stand desk, giving you the proven health benefits of movement.

Wow!: The products came quickly and required no assembly or complicated set-up. “What I love about it is that I could literally pull it out of the box and go. No screwing it in. No bolting it down,” says Dan.

“It’s super easy to move up and down – instantly, just like my old Ergotron sit-stand desk. But my new Lift 35 with a black matte finish looks appropriate to my home office. I spend one hour standing while answering emails in the morning, then the same amount of time standing after lunch. When I stand up, everything comes up – my computer, monitors, keyboard as well as my stapler and calendar – so I’ve got a lot of desk space to work with. It’s a very attractive piece of furniture so people who come to my office are curious and very complimentary. I’m happy to recommend it to anyone – young or old.”

In fact, Dan was so impressed with his own Lift35 that he purchased another for a friend who has had two knee surgeries and who’s doctor recommended he use a sit-stand desk at work. “I’m becoming your #1 evangelist!,” Dan noted on his order.

WorkFit-A, Platinum: Life Changer for a Creative

Creative folks want the ultimate freedom — to do things in their own unique way. Meet Justin, a graphic designer applying his magic to branding projects across the nation. Only problem: a traditional seated workstation was cramping his style, both physically and creatively. 

With the new WorkFit-A workstation, Justin now has the option to stand up and create whenever he likes throughout the day. He notes that his work has improved, his body feels better, and his tension is gone.  He also appreciates the WorkFit’s amazing functionality and design. It’s been a life changer for him. 

Want that same freedom to sit or stand? See Justin’s story

Brand on!

DIY Standing Desk?

Let’s all salute the office pioneers who, braving co-worker ridicule and IT angst, reached for the boxes, books, and other cube accessories to create stand-up desks in their sit-only landscapes.

Folks like Nikki, Amy, Ryan and the others, what were they hoping for? More energy, more focus, or maybe even for a back pain free day away from a sit-only workstyle. Like them, Ergotron is focused on pioneering workstations that get people moving too.

Have a DIY desk you want to share? Send us your pic on Facebook!

[Video] Ergotron WorkFit-A: Healthier at the end of the day

Making it to the big time often means long stints at the computer. Meet Nick, a director and editor living in Los Angeles, working on anything from commercials and music videos to film and television. He admits post-production can do a number on the body. With the WorkFit-A workstations, he sits or stands throughout the day as his body demands. He can tell the difference, feeling less stiff, less tired and overall healthier at the end of the day. Can we all say the same? We should. See Nick’s story.

Direct on.

WorkFit-A for Apple is International CES Innovations Honoree

The International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has the tagline “the global stage for innovation” and prides itself on being a conference that shapes the future. Today the show announced its 2014 Design and Engineering Awards Honorees and Ergotron’s newest WorkFit-A for Apple® Sit-Stand Workstation made the list! 

2014_INNhonoree_LogoWhy is this important? We want the whole world to have access to healthier computing solutions, and we love that an international show like CES agrees! The WorkFit-A for Apple joins our proven line of WorkFit solutions and meets a big need for iMac® users—a sit-stand workstation that will mount their larger display without compromising the aesthetics of their technology. Now Apple users can enjoy all the benefits of sit-stand computing, like increase productivity, comfort and calorie burn. 

See the WorkFit-A for Apple, the WorkFit-P for Apple, and the OmniMount ActionMount series on display at CES (booth #26115) in the Digital Health Zone—products that encourage the healthy use of electronics, whether at home or in the office. 

No doubt we are happy when we receives this kind of recognition, but the thing we love best is hearing stories from the people using our products. If you have started a sit-stand journey, share it with us on social media—Twitter, Facebook, upload a video on YouTube—or share it wherever you share. 


Stand up…quilting? You’ve got it!

We were delighted to see this review from Janice Davis, Janice is reviewing the Ergotron WorkFit-D Sit-Stand Desk in her quilting studio. With a little help from Lucy, her dog, she shows just how easy it is to switch back and forth between sitting and standing while tackling intricate piecing or cutting.

Janice, we think you just might inspire all the quilters out there to consider a new way to quilt healthy. Now we want to see more of your quilts; this Mystery Block of the Week is amazing!



Christine shows off her TRON

Christine Berquam, Marketing Operations & Channel Marketing Specialist @ Ergotron

show-us-your-tron-006I was out updating Ergotron’s Facebook fan page with some “Show us your TRON” shots from around Ergotron’s headquarters when I noticed a pic from Stefan Didak showing his home office setup

Stefan’s website also shows some great behind the scenes images that illustrate the ease of installation of his LX desk mount arms. It’s a comprehensive discussion, take a look. 

And oh, did I mention? He loves Ergotron!

If you are not already a fan of the Ergotron Facebook page, check us out. Upload pictures of your home or work setup in the “Show us your TRON” photo album.

We’re proud of all our little tronnies around the world and like to show you off.

Show us ‘TRON!

It all started with a little tweeting…Robert Scoble has engaged his followers in a search @scobleizer for quad-monitor stand this afternoon via Twitter.

Here’s your chance to show him and everyone your ‘TRON. Grab your camera, clean up your desk, and send us your productivity set-up!

Comment here and include a pic.  We are prepared to be wowed.

If you’re feeling motivated, become a fan on Facebook and add your pic there.