Celebrate 10th Annual National Health IT Week


Happy Healthcare IT Week! In honor of this milestone anniversary, we reiterate our commitment to advancing health IT. Here’s how Ergotron does its little part to keep HCAHPS scores up.

The first three questions on the HCAHPS survey have to do with nurse/patient experience. So, what if a nurse or caregiver is physically fatigued and that impacts how they interact with patients? What if fatigue leads to being distracted and modifying or limiting certain activities? Nurses have one of the most physically and mentally challenging jobs in America, and are a super-human selfless race that puts the care of others ahead of themselves. There are little things that we can do to help make a difference with nurse fatigue.

In a recent survey, it was reported that nurses spend 3.5 hours per 10-hour shift doing documentation at a computer workstation; 49% of nurses report feeling some level of discomfort during that time.

The 3.5 hours that a nurse spends documenting throughout a shift should not contribute to nurse fatigue, but rather should be a relief point for caregivers. Wrist and neck injuries related to digital documentation are preventable with a properly ergonomic computer work station. Whether it’s mounted on a wall or on a cart, a computer workstation should be intuitively adjustable by the nurse, and done so in a way that encourages the nurse to actually make the custom adjustments to keyboards/mice and LCD monitors. And these adjustments need to require very little effort or force from the nurse. The documentation workstation should not lead to further exertion and musculoskeletal injuries, but rather make the act of documentation a positive experience for our bodies.

When asked for your input on which computer workstations your hospital should adopt, whether it’s a computer on wheels or wall mount work station, make sure that it has a full 20” of height adjustability to accommodate the maximum amount of body sizes in either a seated or standing position, be sure that it has an adjustable keyboard tray with negative tilt, be sure that it takes very little pushing, pulling, lifting or lowering force, and be sure that it brings the documentation right into the logical point of need and use.

So, how does Ergotron fit into all of this?

  • Ergotron mobile computer carts and wall-mounted documentation stations are designed to create positive patient experiences and to facilitate achieving patient engagement objectives.
  • Delivering EMR’s into the natural triangle of care is part of the solution – helping caregivers care for themselves and reducing nurse fatigue is the other part of the solution that helps lead to higher patient satisfaction.
  • Ergotron mobile telemedicine carts are flexible and practical tools for helping with population management objectives, improving quality of care, creating multiple patient touch-points and expanding services and service areas.
  • Ergotron products are anthropometrically and ergonomically designed to include all the features that nurses ask for, and all the conveniences and dependability that IT requires.

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