What advice would you give your 15 year-old self?

431LogoSleep more? Eat less Cheetos? Get more involved? This is what an impressive lineup of speakers at the 431Project Summit in Vermont is sharing. But not only that…they are exploring ideas for reimagining the future–with a mission to make healthy “normal” for the next generation.

The event this week hopes to inspire attendees, speakers and sponsors to walk away with a commitment to bring change back to their communities, supporting today’s youth to lead healthier, more active lives.

One of the these speakers is Ergotron’s ergonomics and wellness research manager Carrie Schmitz (@giveafig). She shared insights and experience working with leading researchers and pioneer schools introducing students and teachers to adjustable standing desks.

“Whether you are five or fifteen, living a healthy life encompasses more than just the food in your lunch box or exercise on the playground,” said Carrie. “It isn’t so much about teaching kids how to move as it is allowing them to keep moving without stifling that natural energy outlet.”

Physical activity − exercise − stimulates neuron development in the brain. It is the only way to create new neurons in the brain according to Dr. Fred Gage. Throughout childhood the brain is mapping the body through movement. Keeping kids moving is key to learning.

The 431 Project has a vigorous journey ahead. Contact them at info@the431project.org to learn more or visit the 431project.org. You can also follow the event via #431action on Twitter.

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