PC-Addicts Review: Ergotron WorkFit-S LCD & Laptop Sit-Stand Workstation

Here’s a “Yo, yo, yo,” to Chris-D, at PC-Addicts for his recent review of the Ergotron WorkFit-S LCD and Laptop Sit-Stand Workstation. Chris is demoing the unit just installed for his wife since she is the early adopter in this office. If you listen close, you might hear a little bit of his own interest. His and hers sit-stand? Why not!

Check out his “Ergotron WorkFit-S Stand-up & Sit-down Mount” post or click through to his YouTube channel:

PC Addicts Sit Stand 2

Interested in sit-stand for your office? Use this handy WorkFit Finder to find the model right for you.

0 thoughts on “PC-Addicts Review: Ergotron WorkFit-S LCD & Laptop Sit-Stand Workstation

  1. Chris

    I love Ergotron products! These things are built like tanks and hold up VERY well! Use them at work (we have a lot of these units) as well as at home. I also noticed the local US Cellular store using them at all of their desks!


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