Wall of Standing Tips!

Don’t have a standing desk but still concerned about getting up more throughout your day? That’s what we are here for. At the JustStand Wellness Summit last month, we put together a wall of standing tips, and encouraged the attendees to give us their best ideas. Here they are:


Instead of Skyping with a co-worker, walk over and talk to them in person

Schedule short, standing meetings

Stand when feeling low!

Stand when the phone rings

Stand during conference calls

Run a contest with co-workers to increase standing time

Listen to Spotify and dance!

Shift your weight from side to side, almost like a dance

Envision results of more standing and when you do, do calf lifts and mini lunges in place

Do Tai Chi at your desk

Stand every 20 minutes

Stand first thing in the morning at work!

Use commercials to stand; don’t TEVO through them

Standing tables in conference rooms/break rooms

Eat while standing

Remove your chair

Raise at least one worksurface so you can sit some/stand some


A few tips for people who already have a standing workstation:

No lady’s shoes

Wear comfy shoes

Throw your computer bag or purse on your chair so you have to move it before you sit

When you leave work, keep station in standing position

(when standing) Communication up, energy up, flex time up, focus up, productivity up


Have one you don’t see here? Feel free to add it in the comments section below. Happy standing 🙂

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